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Will Putin, as Zeus abducting Europe to its rescue?

Сможет ли Путин, как Зевс, похитить Европу ради её спасения?

And Europe should be saved. Oh, how necessary! The Anglo-Saxons leave the EU. Moreover, the military occupation of Europe, the United States continues since 1945, and the EU vassal has obligations to America, so now facing a new threat to its colonial grip. No, not Russia, as trying the Americans and their European henchmen to scare normal Europeans, mainly the French and the Germans. Not Russia, but the main strategic partner and patron of the European Union the United States of America.

It is worth Recalling that the main geopolitical conflict today is not Syria, not Ukraine, and the conflict surrounding the Treaty on the transatlantic partnership (TTIP), which the United States imposed the European Union. This partnership includes literally thousands of items describing the economic, technical and even legal interactions between the United States and the European Union, the Aim of this scheme Washington – the complete elimination of European sovereignty.

In fact, after the signing of the TTIP in its current form, the EU will become a colony of the United States with rights less than those of Costa Rica. It is obvious that the Americans used all methods of influence in order to achieve the signing of the agreement as soon as possible. It is clear that at the expense of their European partners, States want to adjust their economic Affairs, to pull the EU from Russia, with the aim of weakening the latter. but most importantly – to use Europe as a battering RAM against Russia. Ukraine for this is still too small to be…

And the idea of ordinary Americans and their traditions: to grab the chestnuts out of the fire by proxy. So it was the First and the Second war. To die should be Russian, and the maximum number of points from (supposedly) inside of the European conflict to Americans (those Anglo-Saxon), who and this time hope to successfully sit out of the ocean, and then they make movies about how they all won. And earn fabulous profits for the restoration of Europe and Russia.

In the Kremlin this evil plan of Washington politicians does not suit anyone. Yes and in Europe too. The European Union represented by Germany and France for two years successfully evades from signing of this agreement, and all attempts to pull it through the European Parliament in fact came to nothing, as well as direct negotiations under the US — EU. For two years, with remarkable regularity, the believers in the omnipotence of U.S. experts and “opinion leaders” in social networks report that TTIP is inevitable, and once Obama requires him to sign, his sign, and nowhere is Europe is not going anywhere. (Materials http://politrussia.com/world/evropeyskiy-bunt-vygoden-273/)

But now Europe is increasingly looking towards Russia and waiting out the saving of the ox-Putin, who’d stolen her from under the nose of America. Even if you have to travel from Lisbon to Vladivostok. To help separate parts of the European economic elite to break away from the United States — is a joint Russian-Chinese project in the interests of the major players in the EU – Germany and France.

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