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WikiLeaks told about NSA surveillance over the ban Ki moon, Merkel, Berlusconi and Sarkozy

WikiLeaks рассказал о слежке АНБ за Пан Ги Муном, Меркель, Берлускони и Саркози

The national security Agency (NSA) USA tapped world leaders, including UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Tuesday, February 23, according to the website WikiLeaks.

It is noted that in the field of view of the NSA got a meeting ban Ki-moon and Angela Merkel discussed the fight against climate change. I tested the conversation between Netanyahu and former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi: Israeli politician asked for help to establish contact with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Another message mentioned in the WikiLeaks meeting took place between former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Berlusconi. The head of state warned the Prime Minister about the deplorable condition of the Italian economy. In addition, as specified on the website, the NSA wiretapped the communication of the Ministers of trade of the EU and Japan on the topic of the world trade organization (WTO).

Some documents have “the highest degree of secrecy among those that have ever published media”, reports RIA Novosti.

30 December 2015, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that the NSA secretly continued to listen to the talks of the leaders of friendly countries, despite a White house promise to stop the practice. Among these leaders were Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Washington fears aroused his opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran.

In addition, according to the publication, the Obama administration secretly made a list of the heads of States and governments in respect of which should not have carried out intelligence activities. The list includes French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders of NATO countries. At the same time, some leaders of the allies from this list were excluded, in particular the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In October of 2013 as a result of the revelations of Edward Snowden granted asylum in Russia, former U.S. intelligence officer, it became known that the NSA and the CIA worked in Germany and, in particular, bugged the phone of Merkel. In the summer of 2014 in Germany, broke another spy scandal. Then revealed two of the American spy, one of whom served in the BND, and the second — in the Ministry of defence.

Moreover, as followed from the revelations of WikiLeaks, U.S. intelligence agencies were engaged in the interception of communications of high-ranking officials of France and Japan.

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