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Why we gave the Finance of sphere sovereignty?

Почему мы отдали финансы из сферы суверенитета?

More than twenty years, the presidents, the Ministers of economic development, Prime Ministers, Chubais, Gaidar, Chernomyrdin, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev explained that Russia’s development should focus on foreign and private investment. Twenty years reason no one was alarmed, “what of it? Give the factor of development of the Russian state of our country to a foreigner? To give foreign investment a private trader, who, God knows, what is the nationality? All to give the foreign factor? So the fact that the capital account balance all these years, except for years prior to 2007, was negative?”.

Russia was milked as a cash cow and as a result withdrew capital from the country. The volume of investments is negligible. The volume of foreign investment actually tends to zero in its balance sheet. And mostly it is not direct investment, and borrowed funds. But in the government continue to assert, as the President continues to praise the government: “Foreign investment!”. In Medvedev’s government crisis plan, which has not yet ended, and it is written: “Industrial policy in Russia should focus on expectations of foreign investment”. In the conditions of financial sanctions, deter foreign currency lending and financial turnover in Russia? What is this nonsense?

It is clear that this mechanism of de-sovereignization of the country, meaning its unoriginality, its subordination and its external controllability. Who? Master. The external managing Director. So when the owner saw that Russia souligne, annexed the Crimea and began to growl at someone, he immediately straightened. Here we are in crisis! Here we are without money! Here we and! Here GDP and falling! Here no innovation, no venture loans, start-UPS and development! Zero. All. Development ended. The owner has decided so. This is the price of de-sovereignization.

Why in the minds of national, governmental and presidential institutions arises a simple question: “And how much we still have to be in the mode of subordination to the sovereign abroad?”. Why we gave the Finance of sphere sovereignty? Why so configured, the Central Bank of Russia, giving the emission credit and rate of currency in export-import operations in the management of external service through speculative operations on the currency exchange? Why is all this happening today and now in terms of actual war? Why the President wanted to present to the West the position of the supposedly sovereignty, independence and autonomy, but in reality we are non-sovereign, non-self and dependent? And the same President are doing to bring back independence of the country? The answer you get, because the answer is as follows.

Since the collapse of the USSR, hydromine and elzanowski Russia — polyserena the state. The most important question: “Why is President Putin, which concentrated absolute power in the country, doesn’t understand this (it is apparent from his direct speeches!), and why none of his inner circle of trusted experts and professionals are not able to explain it to him, to prompt and move to the manifestation of the will that he has to return to the country to independence? Why?”. In whose address this issue? In the address of the person to whom the country applauds, which we inflate the ratings to extreme limits.1

Superfluous question. As the Soviet Union was the first or second power in the world? As he held industrialization? He has established a high science, mastered the cosmos, nuclear energy, created the nuclear and hydrogen weapons, advanced missile weapons? He was one of two leading advanced countries of the world. He what? Waiting for external investment? Used the free float of the ruble to the dollar? He demonational the economy for fear of inflation? He cut government spending? No. The ruble to the dollar was fixed. It was established in the interests of balance of export-import operations. We’re not on the moon lived! And the iron curtain is a figure of speech. Was and export. Was and import. And in different years they were very important and significant. The Ministry of Finance, State Bank of the USSR was working on its own grounds and considerations, how much to issue, how to run in non-cash turnover, i.e. the turnover of the investment exchanges not related to final consumption, where the population worked cash rubles. And we now some good slips, the Central Bank of Russia! Key refinancing rate — by the formula “Inflation +”! Inflation on the consumer market! And the rest of the investment chain exchanges?

This is absolute ignorance of leaders, the professional failure of the President who does not understand how today that colonial financial system. If you would understand that of course would have changed. Because our President is a patriot! He said that the national idea of the country is patriotism.

Of course, all this is a diversion, imposed through agents of influence that are planted in very high chairs. This is the truth. Professional experts, patriots understand this. Why does not understand this and does not penalize the President? Maybe it’s not…it’s frightening to think!1

The Soviet Union was built by the toil of others like you and people. Our fathers, grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers were the same. They were more intelligent and industrious. They were the same. Their productions country has grown, developed and achieved greatness. What reaches Russia by our labours? Fiasco? The degradation? The verge of collapse? The subject of contempt, disrespect, dislike and hatred in much of the world?

Maybe it depends on us what we’ve become such a sad sack? Or dad and mom suddenly people are we such freaks? No. We like them. Hence, the disease of Russia is in a different place. In my head, which have no brains, conscience, professionalism, ability to understand what you’ve done, and to remedy this situation. So, will have to fix, not asking them, showing the will of the people, gathering, building their understanding about the different appearance of the country, building the first virtual future of our country, which then gradually becomes the present.

Approximately with such ideas, we have opened and are building the Party of a new type. While it is not even a party, is a gathering of people who understand, not agree, and who see Russia’s future quite different than the current state of Putin’s Russia.

Russia should be different.

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