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Who was plowing in the USSR. And who ate three throat

In principle, long do not need to explain, you just have to look at the picture below. Especially the Baltic States lived well in the USSR. But as I positioned myself, as working. And Ukraine too, all from the Russians wanted to secede to live humanly. And where is the Ukraine?

 Кто пахал в СССР. И кто жрал в три горла

The former Soviet Republic believed that the food is “bottomless.” And when the Union collapsed, everyone realized that was exactly the opposite [infographic]


Every August since 1991, we recall putsch, the failed putsch, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the ensuing collapse of the Soviet Union, and wonder: had there been any alternative to the disintegration of a great country?

Not so long ago I came across a Soviet book of fairy tales of the peoples of the USSR with a remarkable picture on the cover. Russian boy plays the harmonica, and they began to dance. We can say that all nationalities dance to a Russian accordion. As you can see, and another, until all have fun, Russian – working.

“Leninist national policy” built political, cultural and economic relations in the USSR that most of all they began to recall the proverb, “one with a plough, seven with a spoon”. And it was not a random error, not bias, but a conscious policy of the Bolsheviks, who believed that it was necessary to humiliate the Russian people, at the expense of his hated “velikoderjavnoy” to elevate others. Even Soviet Premier Rykov was dismissed from his post after the statement that “considers unacceptable that other Nations live at the expense of the Russian peasant”.


By 1990 in the USSR there was a situation with the distribution of the republics of the contribution to production and income distribution, which is reflected in the published table. Only two republics – RSFSR and Belarus were the “underdog” and was producing more than consumed. The remaining thirteen “sisters” walked “with a spoon”.

Someone spoon was small – from Ukraine, and we understand that the East of Ukraine was made, and to spare, but the West was consumed, and, thus, rushed to the square.

The Central Asian Republic produced very little, but consume relatively little, although only in Kyrgyzstan the level of consumption was slightly lower than in the RSFSR.

The Baltic republics produced much but consumed a lot more, in fact, Soviet leaders tried to bribe their prohibitively high for the USSR.

But in the striking position appeared Transcaucasia. With a relatively modest production is a huge volume of consumption, conspicuous and visually to those who had to go in Georgia – personal houses, cars, carpets, dinners, barbecues and endless toasts…

Simultaneously in all these republics liked to speculate that they feed it “unfathomable Russia” and other hangers-on of the great Soviet collective farm. And once they secede, they will heal even richer.


Really all that wonderful Banquet was paid by Russian peasant, worker and engineer. Each of the 147 million people in the RSFSR were practically giving every year 6 thousand dollars to cover the difference between production and consumption of inhabitants of other republics. Because the Russians were many, enough for all, although for a truly joyful life Republic had to be small, proud and passionately hate the “drunk and lazy Russian occupiers” that the comrades of the Politburo have been reason to pour a fire money.

With a huge population of the republics of Central Asia had another problem. It didn’t roskoshestvo, but continuously increased. The productivity of labour in these countries has almost not increased. Within the Soviet Union were its own Third World.

The Russians (and by “Russian” I, of course, mean all the peoples of Russia) former the most numerous, the most educated, most professionally developed part of the population of the USSR felt a dull resentment, although not quite understand its source. But constantly faced with the fact that at restaurants, all the first places in line for the “Volga”, are occupied by representatives of other Nations, but if you’re Russian, for access to the coveted feeder requires additional privileges from the party and the government, the Russians felt from the Soviet system and his increasing discomfort. There was a feeling that you plow and plow, but not for themselves. And to whom? In the theory of the state, for the common good, for the coming socialism. In practice, it turned out that the shrewd capitalists of Batumi and the haughty descendants of SS men from Jurmala.

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