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Who and why resists ceasefire in Syria

Кто и почему  сопротивляется прекращению огня в Сирии

A few days remain until the ceasefire in Syria, according to the agreement Russia and the USA. It is implied that all parties to the conflict must lay down their arms and move to political discussions.

In the Syrian foreign Ministry said that groups who will continue fighting, will be considered to be a terrorist. Accordingly, will be destroyed because terrorists do not fall under the ceasefire agreement. With them the struggle will continue.

Opposition “Free Syrian army”, nurtured by America, is still undecided with the decision, taking the side of terrorists, speaking in their defence, stating that he feared the bombing. Time to “think” them all smaller, and while States are trying somehow to this decision impact. And you have had from the beginning not support, problems now would be less.

No surprise scenario, as America is accused Damascus of undermining agreements. Indeed, in the case of armed attacks, “repulse” still have. The Assad regime no longer satisfied with Obama, Americans will not miss the slightest clues to put Syrian President guilty of all mortal sins and eliminate it.

Concerned States and inappropriate behavior of its ally Turkey. Americans Erdogan has already warned that he will be obliged to stop shelling Kurdish divisions in Syria. What he did not agree. Once again, this confusion confirms what consequences bears double White House policy. During the years of intervention in the conflicts in BV, nothing but victims and dubious, uncontrollable allies Obama has not made.

Waiting for the 27th February, we hope for peace and universal solidarity in the fight against terror. Russian Federation today is a key figure in this confrontation.

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