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Where to invest our money the liberals

Куда вкладывают деньги наши либералы
The Russian government implements the buy American securities. Let me remind you that these people do not have 3 billion dollars and they make purchases of U.S. government debt by investing in U.S. government debt significantly large amount. Yes, of course, it comes from different pockets. Invests in U.S. government debt, for example, the Bank of Russia, he, you know, increased foreign exchange reserves and they need somewhere to put it. Not the needs of the Russian Federation, and at the service of global business, of course. After all, the meaning of Russian liberalism in that it should serve as a global business, but if the interests of the global business directly contrary to the interests of the people of Russia, then, first of all, the worse for the people, and secondly not that country called Honduras.
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