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Where did the UFO

Interesting case. Did you notice that the boom on the UFO, which occurred in the 80-90-ies of the last century in our country, all came to naught. It is clear that in capitalist countries with their freedom of the yellow press that boom had begun twenty years earlier. But in the USSR it was not aliens and could not be. Therefore, the fascination with UFOs took a spontaneous later, only after the beginning of perestroika.

And now almost no one seriously says not about it. And if you think about it a bit, it immediately becomes clear why.


Куда пропали НЛО

Taken in the network…


Note that the UFO boom in the West began in the early 60-ies of XX century. Mind you, not in the 30s, not 40s, not 50s, and it was in the 60s. And this, of course, is no accident. The man left in space. The space era began.

It is clear that some science fiction writers predicted the idea of space flight before this, but in time it became a reality. The reality for impressionable minds began to make more ambitious assumptions, and lovers of sensations, suffering from attention deficit, began to produce fictions about alien visitors arriving on Earth for different purposes.

At the same time began to appear the first photos of unidentified flying objects.


Куда пропали НЛО

Quality has always been “not very”.


The quality of these photos has always been mediocre, which was explained by the authors by the imperfection of the photographic equipment and adverse weather conditions. Ie was pretty easy to justify any clumsy forgery. Especially to deceive those who and he is happy to be deceived – just. However, with the advent of digital cameras that allow in any weather and at any time of the day to shoot high-quality photos, we never received quality detailed photographs of UFOs.

Now even phones shoot better at times than the cool technology of the 60’s. the Cameras almost everyone, and everyone has a cell phone. It would seem – live!!! Give a million of likes the space alien ship. But no! No such photo. Opened recently flick, which is already tens of billions of photos. How much do you think high-quality photographs on request “ufo” was found? That’s right – not at all.

This is the case. For lack of evidence the majority of people with rational thinking, have ceased to believe in sensational headlines that are so old-fashioned and provided with photographs taken on an old film camera, on a dark night, a frosted lens. That began to slowly fade away the interest in UFOs, snow people and the Loch ness monster. And that, I think, is good. Sanity is always good.

Do I believe in the existence of aliens, you ask? Believe. Do I believe in UFOs and eyewitness accounts? No.

Do you believe in such paranormal phenomena?

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