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Where did she get this “suit”

Откуда она взяла этот «скафандр»Hatred of skinny

Grandma called me “pistol in the suit”. I don’t know where she picked this “space suit” that spiteful old woman.

Not that I was strong offensively (though unpleasant), but all these nicknames were only the beginning of our suffering because of the food. It was believed that bad I eat, and every time I leave something on the plate (that is always), we bickered, argued, I cried, called my dad, he was yelling at grandma, then I again said I was skinny, like anorexic.

“Well,” I only ate in the village. All day on the air, walking from forest to forest, swimming in the river. I was eating three plates of soup, and here is my older sister warning me that I have worms. Because there are not so many — and stay skinny. The best years of my childhood I was afraid to go to the toilet — had those school legends about the ascarids that suddenly emerge!

You know, everyone thinks that to be slim is the default happiness. And that is always a slender advantage. But now I don’t exercise, are lying on the couch, and, eventually, order a drink. So Yes, I’m already slim, but not skinny.

But all my childhood I listened to these accusations for two hours, sitting at the table, “not until you eat” been punished for stubbornness — I never gave up and ate something in me wanted to shove violently, and all those cute pet nicknames such as “worms”.

In those days, when I was a child, grandmothers and mothers were different ideas about beauty: thick — healthy, skinny — sick.

Maybe it is good that our Soviet generation to 13 years knew nothing about what thinness rules the world.

The Soviet mannequins was not skinny. Actresses in General were in the body. First Western idol, Marilyn Monroe was not skinny. In those days, one of my father’s friends I got subscriptions to German magazines like Freundin — and I don’t remember them emaciated women.

In our days a lot of talk about discrimination based on excess weight. Yes, it is, world of glamour does not like thick. Moreover, he likes women with no weight at all. The more you look like a Ghost, the better.

But it came to the point that it is improper to say “fat,” you should say plus size. At the same time girls “with eating disorders”, anorexic, we condemn. And not talking about them minus size.

Little there is bad. There are a lot of how well. Only overweight — he’s just as bad as the hunger strike.

Of course, to consider a woman 40 European size thick — it’s weird. The lack of any signs of fat under the skin — not the norm. The range is from 34 to 42 European is perfectly adequate options.

But even the early stage of obesity is not a problem of appearance. It is a disease. One of my friend in the knee artificial joints — and all because she refuses to lose weight. Her bones cannot withstand the load. And she thinks food is her only joy.

Here to discuss the evil or cynical fashion retailers who don’t sew and don’t buy fancy clothes plus plus plus size. But let’s be honest: if the growth of 170 accounting for at least 90 kilos of weight, it is very difficult to come up with such clothing, which will be good for this look.

Yes, doing now a large size or whatever fashion items. But we cannot say that the clothing adorns.

New fashion requirements I have to be ethical and not just publicly write that people of size XXXL will look fat in any clothes. But what the hell, if it’s true?

Because it is from them all my life I’ve listened to reproaches that I have no fat on the sides. Why every time I need to someone to justify that I’m just a normal person with a normal metabolism and normal vital activity? Why am I embarrassed to say I eat almost everything and not get fat?

I think someone interestingly, I once had a nervous breakdown, I could not eat and I was afraid to look at yourself in the mirror? I could not gain weight and two months three times a day, drinking porridge with the three tablespoons of butter and four tea sugar per Cup?

Not. Nobody cares. What do I know about suffering with his 57 kilos? I understand if you do not Wake up in the night and eat a pan of buckwheat with the liver? (Yeah, I caught that his girlfriend, who “doesn’t eat, but can not lose weight, it’s a genetic problem”.)

Sports Illustrated released a magazine with plus size model on the cover. MAXIM just did a room with a thick model.

But the promotion of excess weight differs from the promotion of anorexia?

Of course, many plus size ‘ models — they are only slightly full, but others on the verge of obesity. And now because the trend in all “non-standard”. If sex model, I want her to have sides, like a sumo wrestler. If the jacket is oversize, not three, but fifteen sizes larger (for the sleeves literally to the ground).

Everyone understands beauty differently, but we should not pretend that painful weight, with plus or minus, is good.

On the one hand, it’s such an interesting culture in which everyone has their place. On the other — if we still believe that anorexia, drug addiction, bulimia, alcoholism is bad, bad, so why at least personally I have to respect those who, without flinching, eats a bowl of salad, and then complains that modern canons infringe upon the rights of all who do not look like Natalia Vodianova?

What the hell is this form of addiction suddenly became a public phenomenon?

And you know, mostly I’m tired to hear “well, that’s easy for you to say, look at you skinny”. I vasumati, not skinny. I’m normal. I am what I am, and I don’t want to be ashamed just because someone is not able to eat less or can’t love himself the way he is.

Everything I could I my weight got was from my grandmother, aunt, older sister and all the children who “eat well” and they put me in reproach.

Moreover, even if the aesthetic norm will be confident 52nd Russian clothing size, I still will not gain weight and will not have complexes, because I know how to love yourself regardless of the opinions of grandmothers, grandfathers, fashion editors or neighbor Marina that whenever I meet her in the Elevator, talking about their boring diets and says that wants to become like me. I want to be like me, you value yourself over anything besides how much you weigh.

Arina Kholina

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