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When you kill Donald trump?

The question is not idle, although the probability of an event yet not very high – somewhere around 5-6%.


Когда убьют Дональда Трампа?

There’s still hope that trump’s “merge” their own party. While it is almost twice ahead of its nearest rival Ted Cruz the number of votes received during the “super Tuesday”. But for the nomination he needs more than 1200 voters, and Trump is still far — now has about 300.

If the improbable happens, and trump will be a candidate for the Republican nomination, then there is hope for Hillary Clinton: a month ago it almost doubled ahead of him in the rankings, but the gap is steadily decreasing and no one can predict what it will be by election day.

Когда убьют Дональда Трампа?

Ahead does trump its rival by a few percent, or they will go neck-and-neck – the decision in any case have to take tough.
Now let us say cynically and bluntly: the US President is just a talking ass: rule the country and the world by different people. Therefore, it does not matter who is President: he must have only one important quality this person should be a hundred percent manageable. But this is about trump, alas, do not tell anybody. And this is the second case over many decades of presidential campaigns. The first was John F. Kennedy who showed his obstinacy after he became President. The result is predictable, you know.

Since then many years have passed. But bright individuals, alas, almost was not: the gray mouse Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, James Carter, the Hollywood actor Reagan, saxophonist and Amateur Blowjob Clinton, both Bush’s unintelligible, Negro Obama – in General, everything was going up and down on a plan witty and sabudana backstage for the Negro was to follow a woman, a lesbian, and then the Indian-crossdresser.
And here’s all these fun and cool plans breaks some scoundrel trump — Or tries to break.
So much so, that the actor Jean-Claude van Damme today stilled the people: the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump is not going to win the election, as this will not allow the families of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Well, of course, will not admit – even to not worry.
…By the way, what a time in America didn’t kill any presidents, or even the candidates to this post. Creepy tradition, but is a good mental good. Without it, and America has become some kind of boring, don’t you think?

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