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What will the smartphone market in the next four years

The international smartphone market, booming for several years, in 2015, showed a significant slowdown, forcing research companies to develop new, more relevant predictions of its future evolution. One of the first did firm IDC today published its forecast for the next four years.

According to experts IDC, 2015 will be for the phone market the most successful up to 2020, despite declining sales. In other words, the decline of interest in new communications tools will continue to grow, and annual growth of the global market will be only a few percent, less than 10. Statistics says that in 2015 it was shipped to 1.44 billion smartphones or 10.4% more than in 2014, whereas in the current year’s growth plans to be 5.7%. According to experts from IDC, by 2020 smartphone shipments yoy will only grow to 1.92 billion.

Also the end of the current decade reduced the average cost of mobile communications — if in 2015 she was 295 US dollars, by the end of 2020 it will fall to $ 237 dollars. The main markets will be South East Asia, Africa, India and the middle East, whereas in China, the USA and Western Europe will be seen the highest growth slowdown due to market saturation. The experts also noted that in most countries of the world in four years will grow steadily, the demand for inexpensive models, while sales of the flagship smartphone will start to decrease.

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