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What the ROC went to the meeting with the Catholics?

Ради чего РПЦ пошла на встречу с католиками?

The meeting in Havana of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Pope is deeply symbolic. Catholics for decades were heading towards Ecumenical religion and the creation of a single global (Universal) Church, at the head of which stand the Pope, after which he will hand over power to a World egregore that gave birth to Christianity as a phenomenon. The ROC for centuries remained the last Bastion on the way and here is the result…

The official version of the meeting that, say, need to deal with the problem of genocide of Christians in the middle East, North and Central Africa. Actually, for Christianity the enemy such as ISIS is the best advertisement of Christianity. This enemy is cruel, wild, anti-cultural and barbaric – in fact, we should cherish. Because it allows you to see firsthand the people the advantages of the Christian religion today. So we shall set aside the Christian PR for suckers aside. What is the true reason of the meeting of the patriarchs?

The real reason is that the world’s growing alternative knowledge, an alternative understanding of history, which a stone does not leave any official chronology, neither the official history nor, therefore, from the official history of religion. Consequently, it dramatically reduces the financial revenues to the budgets of churches. And that is the rapid growth of new knowledge among the more educated part of the population that carries it and in other segments of the population – is the greatest danger to religion, which is a very effective tool for the management of peoples and the inhibition of scientific progress.

Knowledge, knowledge, and again knowledge is the main threat to religious mythology, which wants to bring back the person into a new digital dark ages.

This meeting, in addition to the above, and leads to other sad thoughts… If the Russian Orthodox Church, contrary to its centuries-old position went to meet the heretics-Catholics, then what is the guarantee that in a couple of years the ROC begins to reverse its position and other matters as Church doctrine, and socio-political practices? For example, on the issue of capitali, abortion, homosexuality, etc., etc.? As the saying goes, “a small lie leads to a big distrust”… now How to believe the Orthodox “fathers”?

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