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Well, who’s crying about the fact that the Kremlin has handed Syria?

Ну и кто там пищал по поводу того что Кремль сдал Сирию?

As you know the fool gets rich Dumka.
When it became known that Russia stops fighting in Syria – brainwashed by cropropamide hamsters from nezalezhnoj, Russian ones as well as their brethren from among liberasticheskie groups (these don’t need to zombie – eats the brains of schizophrenia is worse than any propaganda) began to convulsively jerk his legs and blow his bubbles under his breath, assuring themselves (first of all), all, Khan, – Putin has handed Assad, Syria leaked, all of a scared, screwed up, ran, and generally “escapees”…

Trying to explain to idiots the obvious truth that Russia has simply fulfilled all assigned tasks, successfully completed its work and therefore gone as they daily go from work to home workers after a successful day’s work – caused cattle have a big tantrum. Shit bubbled like lava in the crater of the volcano Krakatau and even pukani not torn and scattered in rags, from wybranych bricks and cinder blocks.

But the Russians returned home.
And what?

Read the latest news:

Soldiers of the Syrian army supported by Hezbollah troops, knocked out in Thursday terrorists “Islamic state” from two mountain regions on the outskirts of the ancient Palmyra.

The positions of the Islamists destroyed on the heights of El Hal and Et-tar that prevail over this oasis in the middle of the Syrian desert. Troops pursue the enemy in the gorge of Wadi Sakkara and in al Barate, where in the course of inflicted air strikes, the militants suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment.
In Deir ezzor, on the highway North of Palmyra, the sappers began to mine oil field At Tim. It is 6 km to the South of this city.
Within 48 hours around the oil fields there were fierce battles. In the end, the militants have left their positions and went into the wilderness.

During the operation freed also transfer station and the building of the technological Institute.
In Hanaire South of Aleppo (360 km from Damascus) was eliminated during a fly-terrorist Hassan Abboud, who was regarded as the Emir of Islamic state in Central Syria.


Iran plans to send military special forces and snipers as military advisers in Iraq and Syria. This was stated by the Deputy commander of Iran’s ground forces, General Ali Arasteh.

According to Arasteh, the first group of special forces soldiers and snipers (see top photo) already trained for this purpose, and the Islamic Republic may decide to send them to Iraq and Syria in the near future.
Iran supports Iraq and Syria, military advice and humanitarian aid in their fight against terrorist groups.


As you can see – no one in Syria was confused, not scared, ash on one’s head is not sprinkled and insidious Putin don’t give a damn.
Everything goes on as usual: government forces continued to advance, freeing their territory and forcing the Basmachi in the desert.
It is clear that abreki still some time will resist that in the deserts, mountains and caves, shooting will subside soon.
But chasing spooks around the villages is already a problem for the Syrians themselves, not for white sakhibov. Here the Syrian army, along with militia from Hezbollah – and she will manage. The complete destruction of ISIS is only a matter of time.
Well, if the extremists somewhere in some particular areas will be able to rest and raise their heads – there is Iran. It is a large country, resource of which is enough to finish off the Islamists if Syrian army and Hezbollah somewhere accidentally sabucat.

So alas – too early hamsters tails kicked.
And actually the Ukrainians now is not the time for Russia to point a finger, but with vaseline to stock up. So, just in case…



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