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Vladimir Putin: what you have and I will give

Владимир Путин: что имею, то и введу

Well, there was, finally, clear that was referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, when declaring the withdrawal of the main part of Russian troops from Syria.

The whole week the self-proclaimed military-political analysts tried who coffee grounds who by flight of birds, to determine the motives that prompted the “last dictator of Europe” to give the subordinate an order to the troops redeployed to their base. From the range of opinions readers ‘ brains to explode is not worse petrol tanker with contraband oil hasn’t reached to the Turkish border. Some “experty”, with the monotony of woodpeckers, nastukivat on the keyboard are pretty banal and overexposed all “Putinki”. Other predictable admired the genius of the leader, planned the return home of Russian aircraft almost several minutes before the onset of the season of sand storms. However, the majority insisted on the existence of a secret “protocols of the Russian-American sages” and even allowed that in exchange for Russian permission to deal in Syria at its own discretion, the Americans will allow Russia to squeeze Ukraine by the Donbass Transnistria.


The reality has shown that the part of the political futurists who tried to understand the situation in hot pursuit, again “farted in a puddle”. Geopolitical attacking move involving the Russian leadership in the last couple of years turn out to be so elegant that even their obvious meaning becomes clear only upon receipt of at least the first results. And hidden later. So let’s see what happens in Syria after the departure for Home “Putin’s falcons”. And exactly the same as before. Naive prohibited groups difficult to say the name, believed in “Putinki”, was moved to the offensive, but were stopped by attacks from the air, which has…the Syrian air forces. Looks like a famous pilot Lee si Tsin alive and back in the saddle. According to reports from Syria, yesterday in armed clashes were destroyed, hundreds of terrorists, a certain amount of military equipment and some widely known in narrow circles of the field commander.

And after soaring above ate, not knowing the obstacles the cruise missiles are flying again and flying in hot Syria threatening shouts from covered with snows of Moscow. The head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of VS Russian Federation Lieutenant General Sergey rudskoy from the official tribune States that, starting on Tuesday 22 of March, who with his sword to Assad come, to unilaterally show kuzkinu of the armistice agreement. If to remember, how the Russian President himself on one of the formal meetings genially remarked that Syria was seconded not all that able to shoot and explode, to the words Rudskoy every terrorist should be treated with due care. It seems that this is not a “show-off”, but a statement of actual balance of forces in the middle East theater of operations.

From Syria really flew several combat and transport aircraft. Their place was taken by helicopter gunships. Air defenses, including “Triumphs” and “Shells”, will alert not gone away. Two newly acquired military bases are protected by remaining on the spot a contingent with the same care. Naval presence of Russia in the Mediterranean sea in General is increasing. On Iranian airfields accidentally or deliberately lit Russian reconnaissance aircraft. Plus, deliveries to the armed forces of Syria the latest systems of volley fire “Tornado-C”. If someone does not know, it is a modern modification of the famous “Hail”, which is effective at distances up to 120 kilometers. Unverified sources, and sending at the disposal of the Assad’s are still a number of good fighting machines. In all likelihood, to offset the money a few years ago were paid by Syria for s-300, and not delivered to the middle East because Pro-Western political course of the then President Medvedev.


That is, before the world community in all its naked ugliness raises one of the eternal questions of the Russian intelligentsia: “was there a boy?” And was flown home the troops the main part of the domestic military force in Syria? Or, is it that completed Home completed their task and simply handed the baton in the hands of “subcontractors”. And here’s vaunted military-analytical Agency Stratfor, which forecasts some of our “experty” refers both to the revelation, remarked that Putin with one hand withdraws troops from Syria and the other introduces them. Inputs and outputs, inputs, and outputs…And properly calculate his actions until no one can.

Author: Boris Terekhov

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