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Virus AceDeceiver: experts soothe and complain about Windows and China

Вирус AceDeceiver: эксперты успокаивают и сетуют на Windows и Китай

The other day Apple users taken aback by the news about the threat of contamination of their favorite iPhones and iPads AceDeceiver terrible virus that allegedly is able to penetrate even in legalpractice the device through a vulnerability in the FairPlay DRM mechanism.

But today some authoritative comrades called extremely agitated (judging by activity in social networks) Apple community to stop the panic, “turn on your brain” and remember that really is just likely to spoil even the iPhone, though the iPad from any virus how many, so many left, ie almost zero.

Notably, Graham Cluley – known and many times awarded major prizes by the expert in the field of information security were quick to reassure all nervous users, noting that to rely on a certain risk of infection AceDeceiver only “when you connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer, while being in China”.

“The attack was a success,” wrote Cluley in a blog Intego Mac Security – “the Windows PC that connects to the iOS device must already be compromised by malware”.

In General, according to the expert, if you connect, for example, only iPhone to Mac-am or generally to any computers it does not connect, it is possible to sleep – to catch AceDeceiver will not work in any way. Moreover, again according to Cluley, outside of mainland China this virus is not activated, because cyber-security, Apple still has not caught.

However, the expert also said that AceDeceiver extends inside the app, which is called Aisi Helper, which is a tool for backup and jailbreak iPhones and iPads. Along the way, Cluley advised anyone who uses such software in a matter of urgency to remove it (followed antivirusni test device), then change all the passwords for Apple ID and continue to use two-step verification Apple ID.

Corporate customers the expert recommends to check all available iOS devices on the presence of unclear or unknown provisioning profiles (files that are used to distribute IOS apps outside the App store), and one or more identifiers from the following list:


And finally to please the audience Cluley said: “even those of us who prefer to do without the jailbreak their iPhone and iPad, protected a little smaller than it seemed before”.

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