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Villa Mona Lisa sell in Tuscany

Виллу Моны Лизы продают в Тоскане

In Tuscany Italy for sale the manor, which was owned by a Lisa Gherardini, the supposed model for one of the most famous paintings in the world – “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

As The Local reports, located 5 kilometers from the regional capital, Florence, Villa Antorini the chapel and lemon groves requested “only” 10 million euros (11.3 million dollars), but real estate agents expect that the legend of “Mona Lisa” will attract much more generous buyers.

In the period from 1498 to 1517 it was owned by silk merchant Francesco Del the Mona Lisa, her husband Gherardini. And at the end of the XIX century was sold to Tuscan winemaker Niccolo Antorini, who even placed it on the family coat of arms.

The very same Mona Lisa lived for 63 years (1479-1542 years), but painted between 1503 and 1506 Mona Lisa will live on forever.

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