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Ural town in the spring and ruin: “bombed” roads, washed away bridges

Уральские города в весенней разрухе: "разбомбленные" дороги, смытые мосты

Standard for the whole country, the situation is new potholes after the snow, in the Sverdlovsk region acquired the characteristics of a systemic crisis. Shocking photos and videoparty the last couple of weeks come from a dozen cities. Ural the roads are already discussing Federal channels – in a positive agenda of Sverdlovsk region recently almost misses.
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So, in Nizhny Tagil parents refuse to bring their children to class biathlon. Huge hole in front of sports school can cost suspension. “There’s two holes. Both are hidden by the water. There’s a huge puddle. The size of 30 meters. In these pits someone always gets. I got out of the pit yourself. The traffic police call did not, the emergency Commissioner, too. In the court file will not, because you still can’t prove anything,” complained one of the owners portal TagilCity.ru.

In Bogdanovichsky district flood washed away two bridges. The resentment of the local residents is the fact that one bridge outside the village of Kapustino, was quite new, it was built the year before. Builders instead of two crossing tubes under it put one. Now the local administration promises to restore the buildings subject to mistakes. What kept the right to build a bridge, prepared for the flood, which always takes place rapidly in these places, in the village don’t understand.

In Kamensk-Uralsk in connection with broken roads on the routes of public transport buses change traffic patterns. The locals have established a social media “Board of shame” – a photo album of the worst pits of the city. New pictures appear daily.

Motorists Asbestos to attract media attention to the condition of city roads, staged a rally, note the big puddles. The winner of the contest – a hole with a diameter of over two meters.

In Irbit the wave of indignation caused by the Amateur video about a new technology patching. A motorist filmed the utility shovels in the pit shoveling broken bricks. Behind the scenes is heard obscene comments from the author. Recall that a week earlier another Irbit activist, Alexei Kononov, your money lining the vast puddles in the centre of the pallets, as passers-by had to literally Wade through the fences.

In artenovsky the roads with asphalt and top soil from the gardens in one of the districts washed away just because of road repairs. Last year during the grader took off part of the road surface, the leaf level is lower. On the state of the drainage system contractors did not care, and this spring the street just flooded the Station.

In nignyaya Tura after a wave of complaints, the traffic police closed one of the main streets, leaving local residents to two public transportation stops.

As for Ekaterinburg, we will remind, the situation with local roads, which came in a horrible condition due to chronic urgent repairs, came to the Federal channels. The story about this came out in the program “Sunday time”. “Getting 5% from the road Fund for the repair, we can meet the demand of Yekaterinburg in high-quality roads,” said “the First channel” the Deputy head of administration of Yekaterinburg on transport, landscaping and ecology Eugene Lipovich.

To check how fair the distribution of funds, have the Supervisory authorities. The mayor Yevgeny Roizman informed about this issue, the Prosecutor General and asked to check the regional allocation of funds road Fund, the income of which 50% is formed by income from Ekaterinburg.

Perhaps this check will be not the only one. The poor state of the roads attracted the attention of deputies of the state Duma. “In Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region in General, the situation with roads is not really going too good. It is obvious that in many cases the problem lies in the relationship of region and city. Today it is necessary to understand how the region spent the “road” money, how they are distributed within the region, this is very important, says a member of the Central headquarters of the popular front, a state Duma Deputy, head of the interregional public movement “Dead road” Alexander Vasiliev. – It is obvious that some of the money that should be directed to road works, the management entity uses other than intended. Now the Finance Ministry and Rosavtodor will be hard to fight it. This year we certainly will monitor the situation in Ekaterinburg and the region. The situation must be monitored in online mode to understand why the region is so quickly falling apart roads that were made more recently”.

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