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Underwater quadrocopter: much ADO about nothing

Подводный квадрокоптер: много шума из ничего


Submarines lose the advantage

With the development of these countries ‘ air defense systems and electronic warfare submarines would be the best means of achieving tactical and strategic superiority, which in the case of the conflict would be unattainable using surface tools because of the already mentioned air defense and electronic warfare. Modern submarines someone even dubbed the battleships of the 21st century.

But our world is so constituted, that nothing is here forever. Therefore, the advantage that gave submarines, fading away. The fact that the means of detecting submarines have been growing too far and gone beyond the relatively simple sonars. China began placing these systems in critical areas, where in case of conflict, the Chinese military, you may receive the submarine fleet of the United States.


Unmanned aerial vehicles aboard submarines?

What is going to do America? They decided to turn submarines into something like aircraft carriers. Only be run from the Board will obviously not mundane fighters and bombers, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The submarine is suitable to a safe distance and without being noticed, releases the UAV, which suppresses anti-submarine system. Then the boat comes closer and missiles striking air defense system and EW. And then comes the turn of aviation.

According to a press release published by the applied physics laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, researchers have created “innovative unmanned aerial vehicle, which can be carried on Board the submarine while submerged, which can be launched into the air to perform a variety of tasks”.

This innovative UAV is nothing more than a quadrocopter, able to emerge from under the water. But USA is a country of optimists, which is why different analysts immediately began to paint the prospects of the new brainchild of American scientists. They started dreaming about how drones can be hung from different sensors and instruments for air reconnaissance. And even better to equip them with weapons. That’s when the problem with submarines is resolved, and the US appears incredible superiority at sea and in the air.



Let’s look at this miracle of hostile equipment. Developers from Johns Hopkins University dubbed its underwater quadrocopter corrosion-resistant concealed unmanned Maritime aircraft or in English the abbreviation CRАCUNS. This device can be launched from a fixed underwater platform and the submarine, which, incidentally, can also be unmanned.

Подводный квадрокоптер: много шума из ничего

On this occasion, the columnist for The National Interest Harry Kazianis pleasure and says: “Wow! It’s so great! Unmanned submarine that has drones. This has never been done before”. Indeed, no one has ever done such stupidity is not issued sealed quadrocopter for a marvel of engineering.

In the press release emphasizes low price CRАCUNS that gives him an amazing advantage of being able to use whole swarms of these quadrocopter. It’s delicious, according to Kazianis.

Project Manager Jason Stips explains: “the Engineers of our laboratory has long worked with unmanned underwater vehicles and flying drones. A limited budget forced us to create a device that could work under water and in the air.”

Amazing recognition! The guys lacked money, and they just adapted a quadcopter to underwater conditions, granting him a great name. Because CRACUNS with the mythical sea beast the Kraken. Can a joke be a Yorkshire Terrier called Leo, but it doesn’t turn small timid dog into a terrible predator.

But in itself, this recognition explains that what follows is the press release and the article Kazianis. It is advertising! Conventional advertising to draw the money the major sponsor of the Pentagon. Let’s read this ad. Why not?

As expected in advertising, the authors of the press release use vivid words like amaizing amazing. “Amazing potential could have these devices,” say the developers. “Since it can work under water and in the air, it opens possibilities, previously unavailable specialized drones, and can be used for a wider range of missions.”

Especially important CRACUNS the authors believe that they managed to create a device capable of operating in salt water of the ocean and not spoil. I’m here in the American exclaims, “Wow!” Really, the mankind, over the centuries developed the sailing, still not come up with any effective means against the corrosive action of salt water on the hulls and parts of ships. Really wow!

Project engineer rich hooks argues that “CRACUNS successfully demonstrated a new way of thinking about the creation and use of unmanned air vehicles”. Sounds amazing! Amazing as it sounds laughter Russians and the Chinese. If these American inventors wanted to deliver their CRACUNS headache Russia and China, they were wrong. Sick we will have no heads, and bellies. Laughter.

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