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Ukrainian soldiers envied bananas American soldiers

Украинские военнослужащие позавидовали бананам американских солдат

Ukrainian soldiers revolted different menu in the dining rooms for Ukrainians and Americans. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the driver 80-th separate airmobile brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) Yuriy Temchenko.

“Defenders of Ukraine on Ukraine fed worse than dogs, and defenders of Canada and the United States here food is better than the average Ukrainian can afford,” protested the soldier.

He noted that the Ukrainian menu on jaworowski polygon in the Lviv region is “gray-brown homogeneous mass, resembling the smell of buckwheat porridge, bread meatballs with meat taste, brown water and a pie with jam”. At the same polygon Canadians and Americans served apples, oranges, kiwi, and white chocolate biscuits, Apple Charlotte, spaghetti, rice with vegetables, barbecued ribs, battered fish, fried chicken, tea, coffee, Apple juice. Separately Temchenko was indignant abundance in the menu of the overseas soldiers of bananas.

Temchenko emphasizes that nutrition and Ukrainians, and Americans on jaworowski polygon provides the Ukrainian side.

On 29 February, the Chairman of the bidding Committee of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Oleg Svirko told about the inflated standards of food soldiers of the armed forces. The defense Ministry spokesman explained that in early 2015 the cost of food per soldier was 37 hryvnia (about $ 100) per day, and by the end of the year — 67 UAH (about 190 rubles). The increase Svirko explained opaque contests and suggested that the rules of military power to review.

In October 2015, the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has averaged about 16 thousand deserters in the armed forces. In the sixth wave of mobilization in the summer of of appeal declined nearly 27 thousand citizens, which is about 50-55 per cent of the total number of people who had been called up during this period.

About 1.5 thousand American and canadian soldiers were stationed on jaworowski polygon in the end of November 2015, after the Supreme Rada has resolved the admission of NATO troops into the country to participate in military exercises. In December 2014 Parliament abolished the act of 2010, fixing the non-aligned status of the country. Thus, Kiev has received the legal opportunity to join any military-political Alliance.

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