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Ukraine will go under the hammer of GMO corporations

Украина уйдет с молотка ГМО-корпорациям

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has proposed to auction state land. Many came to the conclusion that the controversial politician thus expresses his displeasure with regard to the current agricultural system and its laws. However, experts believe that Yatsenyuk’s just stating the obvious – Ukraine start to sell.Prime Minister Independence declared that the country needs in the framework of an open auction to sell around one million hectares of public land.

While Yatsenyuk did not specify how much of the land in question, noting only that we need to take areas that are in shadow and corrupt trafficking. Assuming that you are talking about agricultural land, the implementation of the Prime Minister’s initiatives is becoming more difficult in Ukraine prohibited the purchase and sale of territories farmland. For this reason, many have come to the conclusion that the statement of Yatsenyuk does not bear a serious background and is made solely for criticism of existing legislation and government reform.

However, according to political analysts, in fact, the Prime Minister’s statement confirmed a long known fact – Ukraine auctioned piece by piece.

“The proposal Yatsenyuk is moral training legislators and society to a complete sellout of Ukraine, which is already in full swing. At least the preparation for this takes place actively. Already this year, Ukraine is going to sell all of its infrastructure. There is no doubt that the lands of the exceptions will not do – they will be sold,” commented BAFS “the Economy today” analyst, senior researcher, Russian Institute of strategic studies Oleg Nemensky.

For this, experts say, of course, have to change the laws, including, to repeal the existing ban of sale of agricultural land. In this case, say analysts, the “political policies” was formulated long snake and discuss with its Western partners of Ukraine, whose interest in the noble soil of Independence is more than just high.

“The country has no other choice. In the future the Euro-Atlantic space of Ukraine see agricultural holding. However, for full penetration into this space of land is to be sold not just within the framework of open competition, and the nominal Western Agrocorporation. Another way for countries doesn’t exist”, – said Oleg Nemensky.

So, say the experts, if for the sake of our Western partners you need to change something in its legislation, Ukraine will do it quickly and without noise.

Meanwhile, BAFS “the Economy today” asked the experts, what kind of overseas corporations laid eyes on the land of Ukraine. Views of experts on this occasion did not differ. Undoubtedly it will be those companies engaged in the cultivation of such crops as objectionable, for example, rape, which Deplete the earth. Posiva area of rapeseed in the world is constantly increasing. At the moment the leaders in production of herbal plants are China, Canada and Ukraine. However, perhaps most importantly, after the sale of Ukrainian land to foreign companies on the territory Square will begin in excessive scale build-GMO crops, is strictly prohibited in many Western countries.

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