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Ukraine will borrow $ 13.3 billion

Украина возьмет в долг 13,3 млрд долларов

Most of the loans you plan to attract the domestic market.

Next year Ukraine plans to draw on external market borrowings of $4.9 billion, and the internal volume the amount of 231.1 billion, or $8.4 billion reported by the government Commissioner of the public debt Yuriy Butsa Thursday, November 14, reports the online edition Regnews33.ru with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

“We will continue to increase the share of loans in national currency”, — said the official.

According to him, the volume of payments on public debt next year is estimated at 282,1 billion ($10.3 billion ) – the repayment of principal amount and 141.5 billion ($5.1 billion) — interest payment. He also added that another 12 billion UAH is planned to attract through privatization.

Butz noted that since the beginning of this year, total public debt of Ukraine decreased from 60.9% of GDP to 51.2% of GDP in September this year, although in dollar terms it increased from us $78.3 billion to $83 billion.

He also pointed out that the proportion of debt in the national currency during this period increased from 33% to 40%, and in dollars has decreased from 48% to 42%. According to him, the debt in Euro increased from 9% to 11%. State Commissioner on the national debt added that a small proportion of the Euro debt allows us to consider the possibility of increasing it.


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