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Ukraine predict the economy’s decline to 2.3%

Украине прогнозируют падение экономики до 2,3%

Representatives of the key economic institutions of Ukraine and the world predict multidirectional dynamics of development of Ukrainian economy in 2016, from 5% growth to fall by 2.3% compared to the year 2015. About this on his page on the social network Facebook said the head of analytical unit ICU group Alexander Valchyshen.

“At the moment, the forecasts for Ukraine’s economy to 2016 see you. As a rule, the forecasts beat “in milk”, but sometimes this information can be extremely useful,” he said.

In particular, according to ICU, the most optimistic scenario for Ukraine presented by the London Institute of Capital Economics ― 5% growth by the end of 2016. See positive development of the economy of our country specialists ICU (2.6 per cent growth for the year), the Cabinet of Ministers and key creditor ― the International monetary Fund (both sources predict a rise of 2%), national Bank, investment companies Dragon Capital and BBG Consensus (prediction 1-1,2% growth by the end of 2016).

The least optimistic in their forecasts of the investment Bank ING, Kyiv Institute of evolutionary Economics and the Kyiv Institute of social and economic research. According to information ICU, these sources predict the fall of the Ukrainian economy from minus 1% to minus 2.3 percent.

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