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Ukraine in slavery USA: a terrible end, the horror without end

Facts are facts: the U.S. continues to use the resources of the Ukraine, bringing Ukrainian society in its anti-Russian canons.

Украина в рабстве США: не ужасный конец, а ужас без конца

Washington no longer hides the fact that Ukraine is submissive and ready for anything colony. Yourself once the dominion of the British Empire, and thus the descendants of the colonizers, USA expertly suited to the conquest and annexation of new lands, followed by turning them to their colonies. Today this happens by different rules, violent measures are applied in the last turn and do not need.

Ukraine headed by Petro Poroshenko, although actually under the guidance of the American Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, is no longer an independent state, the current government of Ukraine is a political bankrupt. About this in an interview with Bloomberg told the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, noting the transformation of Ukraine into a “battlefield” and the destruction of the United States for its economic and political potential.

Dark cases handled during the state coup activists and supporters of “euromaidan”, have become well-known. Calling the actions “revolution of dignity”, they do not take into account one point: in fact, if what happened has to do with dignity, only to its destruction. Would be correct to call all these people — the sale of the country.

The correspondent of the Federal Agency of political news to understand the issue helped the Director of the Institute for modern state development, political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov.

Sedative script

The analyst noted that options for further life of the country quite a lot and which way it will develop today nobody knows. “While that sedative is the script, which is not the terrible end, the horror without end,’ he said. — Ukraine will keep a long time in a state of minimal life on the verge of coma, without disconnecting from the life support systems, but not allowing the body to recover and move on to normal life”.

Explaining that the situation with protection of Ukraine can be very long, Solonnikov stressed that it depends on the patience of the Ukrainian people and the political forces and the Kiev businessmen.

“It is unknown whether they will survive such a life and whether they will be able to accept it, — says the expert. — Dmitry Firtash is one of the first calls in this situation and proves that not everyone is willing to wait indefinitely and be able vegetables. For the US, the issue of course is solved very positively. When we talk about the future of Ukraine, different people see it differently”.

Facts are facts. The U.S. continues to use the resources of the Ukraine. Foreign currency reserves are depleted, the authorities provided the possibility of complete privatization of American companies. The value of the assets decreased dramatically. Kiev — an active supporter of the American anti-Russian policy in Eastern Europe, to compete in this matter he can only with Poland.

“Such a condition is fully satisfied with Washington and maintain it, it can extremely long time, — explained the analyst. — The suffering of the Ukrainian people and the collapse of the Ukrainian business, the American authorities don’t care, they don’t give the slightest cause.”

USA educate Ukrainian society in the anti-Russian key

From September 2015 at the direction of the mayor of Kiev Vladimir Klitschko in the city were opened free courses of English language, available to any citizens several times a week in buildings of district administrations. It is not surprising that apart from the linguistic component in the courses held and the political information in the anti-Russian key.

U.S. President Barack Obama actually openly acknowledged the U.S. role in the coup that took place in February 2014. “We have brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”, — he said then in an interview with CNN.

U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visited Transcarpathia, when his Ukrainian colleagues Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Groysman was not up to it.

The government is invited by the American Natalie Jaresko. Foreigners,including fugitive Georgian ex-President Saakashvili, control regions. The government is begging the West and the EU to buy up industry, enterprise, land, permits production of shale gas. The CIA visits Kiev and guidance to the intelligence services. In Ukraine, the NATO officers and foreign mercenaries trained by guards and fighting together with the armed forces.

All of this can be listed endlessly, all the data are confirmed by various media and documented.

Missed Ukraine

According to Dmitry eydelmana Solonnikov problems, Ukraine got water influence of the U.S., due to the fact that Russia is about 25 years is not noticed what is happening in Ukraine, which has become a secondary area of interest. “Now that she is fully under the control of external forces of the U.S., we are reaping the fruits, realizing that he had lost touch with her,” he complained.

Current processes in Ukraine, as noted by the expert, are not a positive note for Europe, but, owing to its movement in the Wake of U.S. policy, what is happening to the EU is clear and logical.

“Kiev needed Europe as a more stable, cross-border partner, not a dilapidated state, but the Old Light is much weaker than the US to counteract what is happening at the behest of Washington trends”, — concluded the source FAPN.

Author: Sergey Vyazemsky

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