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TOP 7 bad economic news for Russia

TOP 7 bad economic news for Russia
12.03.2016, 10:11

ТОП-7 плохих экономических новостей для России

1. Russia has refused any agreements with Ukraine on the case of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko and other political prisoners, so to achieve their liberation is possible only by means of international pressure. About it as transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”, stated the Ambassador at large MFA of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

2. No one expects Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, while the Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donbas – US Ambassador. “We are working on other items “Minsk”, including the restoration of Ukraine’s control over national recognized borders eventually,” said Pyatt.

3. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andy Miller made a criticism of the German government relative to the position according to the embodiment of the Minsk agreements. According to him, Ukraine, as a weaker party in negotiations trying to “shift the blame”.

The German foreign Ministry rejects criticism from the Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk relative to the position of Berlin in the negotiations on conflict settlement on Donbass.

Actually the Miller had to specify – Merkel – well done, and Steinmeier – hat who tries to draw an image reshaly and peacemaker, and as soon as possible. Therefore, it is absolutely not rowing procedure for solving the problem. He’s all about the timing and result. To all grow together – need to put pressure on those to push more convenient. And guess who began to press that hat? Well, now you know why our Ambassador lost his temper?

4. The Russians, meanwhile, continue to impress with its consistency. Diplomacy in Russian now looks like this – create someone’s problem, then gather around the international Parliament address this issue, we offer your prescription the gradual end of the conflict, actively pianim it in the media (like, here, look, we have peacekeepers and diplomats. This is a victory of Russian diplomacy), and then just stupidly marriage anything that you undertook to perform. It happened this time. The Russian side in the Joint center for coordination and control not provided by the OSCE mission in response to the plan of implementation of the agreements reached in Minsk on 2 March, on mine action and banning of exercises with combat shooting in the Donbas.

5. Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, during which they agreed on the next steps for the introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukrainians. Juncker expressed hope about the positive decision of the Verkhovna Rada concerning legislative regulation of the issues of electronic Declaration in accordance with EU standards, which will be a significant step forward in implementing anti-corruption policies and will allow Ukraine in a few years to integrate into the European Union.

6. After a few of the bases of the GPU in question “prosecutors Diamond” Davit Sakvarelidze decided to go on the attack.

First Crushes announced the creation of a public headquarters for control over the proceedings, “prosecutors Diamond”, and yesterday Mr. Dawit went on the attack on “respected people” who stole confiscated from Kurchenko’s oil products. In connection with this circumstance, was disturbed by two political groups. At the moment, the prosecutors and police of Odessa region carried out searches at the offices and at the place of residence as former and current executives and founders of SE “Ukrtransnaftoprodukt” and four other related companies in Zhitomir, Kiev, Ukr, Nikolaev and Kherson.

7. International rating Agency Fitch Ratings has maintained the growth forecast of the Ukrainian economy in 2016 at 1% with inflation at 17% and the average annual exchange rate of UAH, 25 UAH per dollar.

8. Fitch snizili a rating of “DTEK” Akhmetov to default. Well not for nothing “Essential” about increase in electricity tariffs was announced. Now the reason is clear.

Russia today/Russia goodbye

1. Moreover, the Russian Federation decided to reduce the military budget by 2016, he still managed to fill a government order the previous year.

The Ministry of defense reported about the failure of the state defense contracts. Eight ships, 15 aircraft and more than 250 missiles not delivered in 2015 on time, reported to the President Puchase Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov. If it goes on like this, soon the words will be in the fight instead of tanks send “acts of completion”.

2. And again the words got caught in a lie. Deputy energy Minister Yuri sentjurin, said that the Bulgarian partners actively want to resume talks on gas pipeline “South stream”. Bulgaria rejected the negotiation on the “South stream”.

Bulgaria holds talks with Russia on the resumption of the project “South stream”. This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Daniel Mitov, reports Bulgarian Agency Novinite.

3. In the case of increasing pension contributions would leave the market half a million business warned business Ombudsman Boris Titov. So he responded to reports that the Ministry of Finance has proposed to raise the burden on entrepreneurs.

4. Swiss commodities trader Gunvor Group Ltd. plans to ship in April the first shipment of North American oil, for the first time after removing the 40-year export ban.

5. On 18 March, the anniversary of the adoption of Crimea in structure of Russia, in the regions of the country will be organized by the authorities the rallies of the “Crimean spring!”. Recommendations to organize the event came from the presidential administration, told Znak.com a source in the administration of the Sverdlovsk region.

6. And series, our the Kiva to the envy. The chief military police of Kamchatka were twice convicted drug addict.

7. The Russian government has increased funding for the program development of the North Caucasus by almost 50 percent, from 243,3 billion rubles to 360,8 billion. Relevant information contains on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. Here and so on pensioners is not enough, the army is not enough, holes in the Donbas without wages, and Ramzan in chocolate. Country-terpenes again increased tribute noham.

8. And so, in dogonku to the previous field. Kaliningrad region Governor Nikolai Tsukanov signed a decree approving the minimum subsistence level in the Kaliningrad region. According to the decree, the minimum wage increased by 1 (ONE) ruble. Well, not lucky for you, people that you were born Russians in Kaliningrad. Had the Chechens in the North Caucasus.

And finally. Municipal employees of the Leningrad oblast asked not to feed the citizens with shovels pancakes during Shrovetide festivities. The memo noted that the use of shovels, forks and scoops for cooking pancakes cannot. Kapets. It’s like the sign at the zoo – do not feed the animals.

Good morning, Junta!

Denis Pyatigorets


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