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Today Russia will continue to bomb the terrorists

Россия сегодня продолжит бомбить террористов

The last few weeks have been very bad for the terrorists of the “Islamic state”. Government forces with the support of the aerospace defence forces of Russia carried out an offensive on all fronts. Assad’s army is gradually coming to Aleppo and the capital of ar Raqqah ISIS. If government troops take two key for these terrorists of the city, the fate of the war will be decided in favor of Assad.

All this is not like the West, as in USA and Europe had not counted on this turn of events. They thought Assad will be deposed and led Syria will be possible to put a Pro-American puppet who will unquestioningly follow orders from Washington.

So now in the West all the forces trying to stop the advance of government troops and the bombing of Russian aviation. As usual it is an old propaganda trick, they say, Russia is bombing the opposition and civilians. However, as usual no proof no one to provide. But the call to stop the bombing “moderate otrazhatelei goals”.

Here’s that responded to this appeal the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov: “Russia continues to support and assistance to the armed forces of Syria in their offensive actions against terrorists and terrorist organizations”.


So, how would the West not hysterical, our country will continue to assist the Syrian government in combating the terrorist threat that is spreading, including to Russia.

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