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To change operator preserving number, will be easier

As we all know, three years ago our President signed a decree on making certain amendments to the law “About communication” allowing the Russians to change mobile operator with preservation of the phone number. As we all know that it is very easy operators put a spoke in the wheel, in every way preventing churn. However, soon this bench will be covered, and they will have to satisfy a greater number of applications for transition. Why? Read on.

According to official statistics, since the entry into force of amendments to the law “On communication” was served 4.16 million applications for change of operator, but only half of them had been satisfied, while the other half of the subscribers received, frankly, Fig. Now our authorities have prepared a list of requirements for transition of a subscriber from one operator to another (MNP), which applies to both parties, and subject to the conditions guarantees satisfaction of the application.

Unfortunately, the list of requirements was not published, it is unknown when he intends to enter into force, but it is clear that the “Big three” will not like it, especially when there is a rapidly growing competitor, “Tele 2”, perimenipause subscribers really tasty prices. In short, in the near future to refuse the services of the current operator in favor of another with more favorable tariffs for communication will become a little easier, but let’s not forget the easiest option: possession of a SIM-kami of all operators in his home area. The law does not (yet) prohibited.

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