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Tip for tourists: what not to do in Barcelona. Photo

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. ФотоIt is a city of contrasts.

Barcelona, like any port city, several persons, and some of them don’t want to see, especially if you want to enjoy life, and not stand in line for hours or be robbed on the street.

1. To prove to the locals that Catalonia is better to remain part of Spain

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

In response, you are guaranteed to hear the story about how the Catalan language was banned under Franco, like the Spanish government is robbing Catalonia and how much is spent per month by the Royal family. It is possible that by the end of the evening you will not want to speak any Spanish, nor English and, with pride and gusto by clicking on the Catalan, will secure the status of an arrogant and soulless “weights” — so here disparagingly referred to as foreigners, have fun on all cylinders, but do not want to know about national traditions of Catalonia.
As a gesture of apology might work admiration of the Catalan cuisine as the noblest in the whole of Spain or the Catalan work ethic — the locals believe that they are more than all of their neighbors to the South put together.

2. Walking along the Central and southern Raval at night

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

The beautifully illuminated sights here, but full speed is a brisk illegal trade everything from drinking and drugs to sexual services.

Had previously persistent fame as the most criminal district of the city, today the Raval has become a better place, because half “away” European youth, which settles closer to the Nightclubs, and the Latin American skateboarders. But this does not exclude the main dangers that can catch you here at night — be from head to toe doused with water by a furious resident of the fifth floor, which interfere with sleep strolling between the nightlife crowd.

3. To walk half-naked through the Barceloneta district

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

All the locals remember the almost legendary story about a crowd of tourists-naturists, shocked even more legendary barcelonesa grandmothers, wives and daughters of local seafarers who built this district and even once dreamed of to make it independent from the rest of Barcelona. In recent years Barcelona has become the most opposition to the tourist area, so forget about the rules of etiquette here is not worth it. But grannies and grannies alike; to understand it, will on Thursday visit the most famous local Leo bar (Carrer de Sant Carles, 34) — his mistress, the lady in years, will show you how to have fun.

4. Spending the entire vacation in a triangle between beach, Old town and El born quarter

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

Approximately 90% of tourists are limited to these three points on a map of Barcelona and leave the “vicious circle” just for trips to the Park güell or Tibidabo mountain. Do not follow the beaten trails though, because in season then you are guaranteed to step on any toes. Better go to capture with my own eyes romantic Barcelona ‘ 80s in the district of Gracia (note that the most interesting thing here is not in the metro Gracia and near the cinema Verdi Park, Plaça de la Virreina) or enough to inhale the fresh sea air in the parks and the cafe terrace in Poblenou and don’t forget to take a whole day to lay your own route over the mountain montjuïc (for example, passing the Olympic venues in the cactus garden and the old cemetery) through the area Poblesec and his incomparable tapas bars in Blai street.

5. Tasting paella on the Rambla

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

Worst place for lunch or dinner, than a rabid and commercial Rambla. If hunger makes you crazy and roll with the crowded Boulevard does not work, better buy a salad of fresh arugula and tuna with freshly squeezed juice (all together — €4) in the Carrefour supermarket to eat them under a palm tree in the Park of the Ciutadella. For a quick meal it is better to be removed from the centre — for example, in the area of the old market Mercat del Born, which became a Museum and Mecca for fish lovers and fish restaurants. The most popular of them is La Paradeta (Carrer Comercial, 7) — are you sure you don’t miss because of the huge queue at the entrance. Love this restaurant, both local and tourists: the atmosphere here is very relaxed, and prices — “home”, and the fresh seafood showcase is cooked to your liking.

6. To buy the products on the market Boqueria

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

A trip to Bokeria, in principle, dangerous for the wallet, for stomach and for a new pair of summer shoes that can not to defer a hike through the giant fish section with live lobster and oysters. There’s still a risk to buy without seeing the price of chocolates (€55 per kilo!), and the output to quench your thirst with a glass of juice from coconut, passion fruit or the unknown bright blue fruit for €1 (caution, these juices are diluted with the plain water from the tap!). Oh yeah, even avoiding fish Department, you probably will not escape the local fish restaurants for well cooked, but the prices kept at a high level is inhumane.

7. To start the evening with spirits

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

The Catalans drink beer starting at 11 am (no joke, if it was $ 1 for a glass sell even in the University cafeterias!), the two lean on the wine, and after five go to the vermouth — in the district of Gracia and Poblesec vermouth even organized tours to bars and wine cellars. They, with easy hostility are to the spirits, so the cocktails with ice, called here “Kubat”, remains a favorite pastime of the Spanish and British tourists. In most Central bars are cocktails interfere in haste and not too skillfully so for those who are afraid of a hangover, even pure absinthe in one of the bars on the street Hospital will be the best alternative.
Another tip for guys: if suddenly in the morning you’re gonna want a cold beer, not buy it second-hand from street vendors, who meet after midnight in the Old city on every corner. The police can be fined for this, both the seller and buyer, so do not be lazy to walk to the nearest bar in the square and to find that here it is not much more expensive.

8. Be vigilant on the beach

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

In the tourist season terrible dark corners of the Old town, and wide and Sunny beaches — they are literally ‘ attract petty thieves. Travelers who find themselves in Barcelona for the first time, is characterised by the ease with which they leave all your valuables on a towel and go swimming, or the fact that they are happy to agree and on Chinese massage, and of unknown origin Mojito on the beach. Seasoned tourists know that the way out from under the nose disappear wallets, phones, sunglasses and even flip flops, so leave everything valuable at the hotel. The police situation is genuinely unable to cope, so get ready to bear responsibility independently.

9. Visit the Sagrada Familia Cathedral or the Museum of the camp Nou stadium

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

Officially the construction of the most odious project of Antonio Gaudi will end only in 2026, and while the interior of the Church is a perpetual construction site with all the attendant attributes, and from the observation deck at the top you can appreciate is that the layout of the blocks of the Eixample. As to the Mecca of football fans — the Museum at the home stadium of the team “Barcelona”, then he, perhaps, justify the cost of a visit (€23 for adults and €17 for children without excursions) only if all your life you sincerely wanted to be photographed in the locker room, where were Messi and Pique. If you really want to see the Sagrada Familia Cathedral from an unusual angle, better buy a short flight over the city by helicopter (from €50 for 10 minutes), and at the camp Nou go to the match to not only save money (tickets from €19), but with their own eyes to see how passionately the Spaniards love soccer.

10. There are only restaurants

Туристам на заметку: чего не стоит делать в Барселоне. Фото

Barcelona, possibly the best place in Europe to have a picnic with a great view. However, for this you will have to retire to respectable distance from the beach and pre-stock up on 100 grams of jamón iberico de bellota (probably the best kind of Spanish ham), pork sausage fuet, kruglyash Garrotxa goat cheese from the province of La Garrotxa in Girona district, grilled red peppers and artichokes in the Bank and a couple of cans of canned seafood (surprisingly, they are in Catalonia excellent quality) — for example, smelling the sea shellfish in the form of navajas or razor white anchovies boquerones in vinegar, fresh baguette from the bakery first and a bottle of cold sparkling wine, which here is called cava. As and aperitif, and dessert — breathtaking views of the city from the observation deck of the Montjuic castle, or from the pedestal has been preserved since the civil war with the bunkers in the district of El Carmel, or the green hills of Tibidabo, where it is still possible to accidentally run into a wild black boar. By the way, the picnic will save and those who underestimated the Spanish Siesta: many of the restaurants here are really open for dinner no earlier than 14:00 and for dinner — not before 21:00.

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