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There’s no other way: swearing in address of Ukraine became the meaning of life for propagandists

По-другому не умеют: ругань в адрес Украины стала смыслом жизни для пропагандистов

Russian celebrationist will not be able to stop pouring out streams of dirt to the independent Ukraine.

As you know, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with the way of coverage of events in Ukraine, saying that the state channels should not put Ukraine and Ukrainians in a bad light. In his opinion wrong to do so, when it comes to “nearest neighbor and fraternal nation.” One of the main detractors, Olga Skobeeva immediately responded to the mandate of the President, writing in his blog that the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the program never specifically exhibited in a bad light. However, not to denigrate does not work. The degree of negative rhetoric if has decreased it quite a bit.

Publicist Andrey Arkhangelsky in his article “Contempt as the meaning of life”, published in the edition of the Republic, I am sure that Putin won’t be able to stop her because of the curse is the only thread that links the curse with being:

“When Olga Skobeeva writes “we are not special”, it is not disingenuous. Saying something hurtful towards another people or country, the propagandists is simply not aware of this report, it has become their nature. For the injured, torn, liquefied post – Imperial consciousness uttering hurtful ambiguities and crafty wording is not just a job, it brings pleasure to the speaker, giving him a discharge, as told to Freud. However, the fiercer curse, the more noticeable that today they are the only link connecting them that curse being. Trolling, mockery, mockery of other people’s values are themselves the only advocates of moral support, the assemblage point of consciousness.

Irony and causticity today is their only religion and morality. The problem is not the words, not the intonation, even – and in the disordered consciousness, for which curses and hatred is the Foundation of existence. Get them – and consciousness will simply fall apart. Take away today from educators that “freedom” is to ridicule others and they will literally lose the meaning of life. The rejection of the hatred of Another would be tantamount to a renunciation of ourselves, of identity. And, even in ironic form, advocates-presenters misleading the head of state today it is this: do not deprive us of the meaning of existence. Therefore, there is no “pereobuvaniya propaganda” today it is impossible – it has become part of the consciousness of its performers…”


Agree with Archangel and his colleagues on journalistic shop Dmitry Bykov, who saw another reason why advocates cannot give up their style:

“…the internal topics of conversation there, because plans for life here is again not visible. No wonder that all of our top whistleblowers of the West long ago bought real estate there or citizenship.

That’s what it came to Russia in the twentieth year of Putin’s rule: she has no topics for discussion, except for fake, defective, and in all respects a younger brother, nedogosudarstva, to whom we wish well, but they are bastards, don’t understand. And journalists working on the Central channels in shameless bred Patriotic talk show, also can not stop, as in 2000, ORT and NTV could not reconcile after the merger of “Unity” and “Fatherland”. Politicians all the same, the owners are no guidelines, and the journalistic community as fractured, never healed, even on Ukrainian soil…”

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