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The USA has plunged Ukraine into a long-running catastrophe

The decision of the Ukrainian crisis would require a lot of time, regardless of whether it will receive outside help or not. This opinion on radio Sputnik said political analyst Vladimir Kornilov.

 США ввергли Украину в долгоиграющую катастрофу

American billionaire Donald trump, seeking nomination as a candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, suggested that the decision of the Ukrainian question to the Europeans. According to him, to think about the situation in Ukraine is not USA, but Germany and other members of NATO from Europe. He also scolded European souslikovina States because they have little interfering in the internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Political analyst Volodymyr Kornilov believes that trump’s words reflect the mood of Americans.

“All that now, during the election campaign, says trump is a direct challenge to the American establishment, challenge the elite. It is clear that the elite (this is evident from the debate on international Affairs) opposes such a position. But it should be noted that each message is checked to trump the audience, that is what he says, like millions of Americans. In including this statement in Ukraine”, – said Vladimir Kornilov on radio Sputnik.

However, the United States, according to him, not ready to release Ukraine from its sphere of influence.

“They spent millions of dollars on the entire campaign associated with Ukraine. The United States is leading the Ukraine, and know it, including in the European Union. The Ukrainian government is fully accountable to, controlled by the United States and Europe have to reckon with. The Americans are trying to shift the burden of payments for Ukraine by Europeans, which they resist. Trump is trying to pull America out of the conflict-that she herself largely instigated. But all goes to the fact that the US President will be Hillary Clinton, and it means that it is unlikely that we can expect tectonic changes in American foreign policy, including towards Ukraine,” – said the analyst.

And even assuming that words trump will become a reality, Ukraine is still a long time to get out of the crisis, said the analyst.

“After what happened in Ukraine, I doubt she’s capable of (whether with US or without their help) to return to the state it was before all these “maidans”. Anyway, Crimea does not return neither the Republicans nor the Democrats. In this case the catastrophe, the crisis, in which Ukraine plunged adventurous Ukrainian and American politicians, I think it is long – lasting. Even if we assume that the line, dubbed trump will prevail, the Americans will wash their hands of it, Europeans will not pay for adventures of the Kiev regime, and Ukraine will all the same return to a more sensible domestic and foreign policy, anyway to get out of this crisis it will have for decades,” said Vladimir Kornilov.

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