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“The US will split Ukraine between the countries”

"США поделит Украину между странами"

The Ukrainian government too is hoping for the help of American friends, not thinking that it may be difficult for politicians to turn around. Political analyst Andrei Okara in his blog on the “New times” suggested that America may distribute the country Ukraine among the world leaders.

How often would the American authorities have not said that they fully support Ukraine and threatening Russia with new sanctions. However, John Kerry often visits Moscow and talks with President of the Federation.

The split in Ukraine is happening inside the country. Ukrainian politicians, hoping for the patronage of the West, tear their country to pieces. Sell her land, fighting for power, plunder budget. A friendly neighbors rather big amount of money, as a matter of reform, rehabilitation and eradication of corruption. However, most of this is channelled into the pockets of the political elite of Ukraine.

Soon the West will finally bother to provide this country with her unsolvable problems. The way out of this situation: to divide Ukraine between the world’s leading States. About this outcome the fate of their country Ukrainian politicians do not even think.

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