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The UK has signed an agreement with Ukraine on military support

It was not incidental that the message about the conclusion of a new defence agreement between the UK and Ukraine appeared Thursday, March 18, when the Russians celebrated the second anniversary of the return of the Crimea into the Russian Federation. It is not surprising, because the parties do not hide that it is aimed against Russia.

Великобритания заключила соглашение с Украиной о военной поддержке

The document was signed in Kiev, the Ukrainian defense Minister, army General Stepan Poltorak and the Minister for the armed forces of great Britain penny Mordaunt. The new agreement will replace the previous one, the validity of which was terminated in 2006 in connection with the “anti-European” stance of the then Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The term of the new defense agreement is 15 years. The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “the United Kingdom fully supports Ukraine, which protects its territorial integrity. A new defense agreement formally establishes our resolve. We strengthen the training of the armed forces. Last year Britain had prepared two thousand members of the air force of Ukraine. We also gave Ukraine a military technology and equipment, more than a million pounds”.

The signing of the defence agreement with the former “lady of the seas” sounds, perhaps, and solemn, but the euphoria in Kiev would be premature. An agreement, not a Treaty or Alliance. Moreover, Kiev signed a Memorandum of understanding on military cooperation, which will serve as a basis for further cooperation. Moreover, if from the Ukrainian side it was signed by the head of the defense Ministry, the London sent only the second person in the Ministry of defense of great Britain. Moreover, the person civil, that too is not to talk about the importance given to Albion this agreement. Penny Mordaunt was the first woman appointed by the Minister for the armed forces. She is a member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from the Conservative party.

That the British do not intend to defend the “territorial integrity” of Eastern European ally with weapon in hand, and say the points of the Memorandum of understanding. The parties undertake to share information about potential threats, to participate in joint exercises and cooperate in the sphere of military equipment. London is also committed to strengthen the training of soldiers and officers of the armed forces. Plans and training Ukrainian trainers in British methods.

Neither on the supply of military equipment, nor on the provision of direct military assistance in case of an attack on the signatories of the third party. It is not excluded that the British defense Ministry gave the Ukrainian “brothers in arms” military equipment, old and useless, but even in London did not go because of funds because of budget cuts are not enough by themselves. In king’s defense Ministry believes that the Ukrainians will be enough training and moral support. So many calls Kiev’s Western allies including the UK on the provision of more assistance, again remained unanswered. To risk to finally spoil relations with Russia over Ukraine in London, it seems, don’t want to.

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