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The U.S. threatened sanctions Chinese ZTE for working with Iran

США грозят санкциями китайской ZTE за работу с Ираном

The U.S. Department of Commerce (U.S. Commerce Department) plans to impose restrictions on Chinese company ZTE allegedly violating the embargo with Iran. The relevant document is at the disposal of Reuters.

These restrictions will impede the company’s purchase of ZTE products of American manufacture. American suppliers ZTE will have to apply for export license in order for ZTE to supply any products or components. For now, though, suppliers have warned that such applications are likely to be rejected.

In 2012, ZTE signed a contract for the supply of products, which included American software and hardware companies Telecommunication Co of Iran, one of Iran’s Telecom operators. In General, claims in the USA for the following ZTE: a Chinese company has bought new equipment and in the United States and around the sanctions made the delivery to Iran.

The largest American companies — Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Dell has already stated that they knew nothing about this Iranian contract. Reuters experts indicate that it’s unclear whether these companies business with ZTE. It is noted that the site ZTE companies such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Honeywell are listed as key partners.

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