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The twilight of British industry and other “tails”

Сумерки английской промышленности и другие «хвосты»

1. Ends the era. Indian Corporation unsuccessfully trying to sell its steel mills in the UK. If a buyer is not found, the plants may have to close — and then Albion for the first time in a long century will be without its own steel production:


From the liberal point of view it’s not so important — the steel can be bought in China… But even if we forget about strategic risks, they should think at least about the British automotive industry.

Last year the UK produced 1.6 million cars. That’s quite a lot: about as many cars released in Russia crisis 2014. If steel prices rise and car prices fall, after the steel industry can start to crumble and British brands.

2. The photo workshops of “Perm engine company”:


Doing, for example, the engines for our aircraft, and there will be a new engine PD-14 for new MS-21 aircraft.

The production looks very modern. In General, large engines are our strong point. Suffice it to recall our RD-180, which the Americans forced gritting his teeth still to buy for your missiles: the fact of purchase of these engines completely smashes the myth of technological superiority of our Western partners.

3. Prime Minister of Finland sold the house, which he last year promised to pay for the resettlement of refugees:


I note that in January the Prime Minister recalled his promise: he said that his promise stands, and he gladly gave in the house a little refugees… but they will be safer to stay away from his home.

4. As you move the Syrian army, which, as you know, recently freed Palmyra, begin in more and more to receive complaints of ISIL militants on bad life.

Here a former fighter from Tajikistan tells how he was deceived by recruiters, and how he suffered in Syria — there are poorly fed and forced to fight:


And here is the reported salary hunger fighters — some units, it appears, has not received money for several months:


Characteristic touch. Interview with the misguided action of the British BBC has published, with words of action it is clear that Turkey is cooperating quite actively ISIS. It’s a bad sign for Erdogan Bey.

5. So here it is. The main investors in Ukraine began transferring money home migrant workers:


On the Euromaidan, it was assumed that after the removal of oligarchs from power and victory over corruption, foreign investors will flock in herds to a new European Ukraine. Harsh statistics reveal that the effect is still the opposite: if in 2013, when “the gang of Yanukovych” Ukraine received 13 billion dollars of investments, in 2014, there was an outflow (minus 2.4 billion), and in 2015 — a weak inflow (+3.6 billion).

You can, of course, to enjoy a positive trend and suggest that in 2016 the investment will be more. But I would place it on the Ukrainians did not expect too much.

By the way, recently in the Netherlands will vote on the ratification of the agreement between the European Union and Ukraine:


Residents of the Netherlands will probably vote against. The most popular newspaper in the Netherlands called Ukraine “a country of savages”, and it is not just:


Сумерки английской промышленности и другие «хвосты»

Can’t blame the Dutch for their skepticism: I strongly suspect that if a similar vote was arranged in Ukraine tomorrow, against Association with the EU would have made and eaten many of the Western arms of the Ukrainians.

6. The Central Bank of Denmark made for many unpleasant statement. More specifically, the Central Bank of Denmark announced that the financial system is bursting at the seams, and that if she will grunt, you will not find anyone:


A sharp reassessment of risks and liquidity shortages can lead to large collapses of assets and the panic selling on global financial markets. Foresight is suppressed by low rates, which can lead to excessive risks and illusions in regard to them among borrowers and lenders. There is systemic risk associated with an unexpected change in the risk perception — and the partial realization of this risk we have observed in recent months.

Note the phrase “systemic risk”. It means that endangered not just the action of some rich people, but also the financial system as a whole. It may be a situation when a resident of the West will take to the street to withdraw money from the ATM, and ATMs in the city will not work — because the financial system will stop.

This, incidentally, has already been observed locally during the first wave of the crisis, in 2008-2009. But then a stopped heart of the economy have restarted. Now the patient comes exactly to the same problems — only now they are bigger and resuscitation will help him hardly.

7. I can’t even remember when was the last time the American dream looked so dull. In San Francisco, where the cost of renting a one-room flat is now averaging about $ 3700 a month, a cash-strapped poor guy .. plywood box with an area of 2.6 square meters. For the right to live in that is installed on the flat box he pays 400 dollars a month:


Сумерки английской промышленности и другие «хвосты»

Give your business idea to the owners of apartments in San Francisco. Buy the usual tourist tents and align them in one of your rooms: if you take each for $ 400, get a good deal.

8. Russia is rapidly losing its millionaires: in the past year have left the country 2 thousand people with the condition above $ 1 million. Thus, the total number of millionaires in the country fell by 2%:


However, we’re only in sixth place. The leader of the ranking — France — lost 10 of thousands of millionaires. On the second place is China, from which millionaires also knocked with terrible force.

Where do wealthy people go?

In Australia, the USA and Canada. There all very well sharpened by the life of rich people.

9. Found a great educational game — a simulator of the surgeon. Recommend. To be able to play computer games do not, directly and immediately take the patient to cut out appendicitis. The player gives advice to an experienced surgeon, so it is difficult to make a mistake:


In General, this Studio has a bunch of medical games. You can rip teeth, you can do surgery on the eyes:


One bad game in English, so to use them in our schools for educational purposes is unlikely to succeed. If you have access to a Studio that makes these games, tell me their names — I’ll try to arrange translation into Russian.

10. In Kaluga planted responsible for procurement on “Kaluga turbine plant”. Lover kickbacks given 5 years in prison:


You know what’s interesting? Familiar businessmen constantly talk about how they had been caught stealing one or the other employee. To collect sufficient evidence for the court can be extremely rare — instances of landings caught on a “hot” single.

However, those same businessmen resent the fact that a state may not burn with a hot iron corruption from its ranks — although state-owned enterprises (type of the same GTC) attempt to start taking kickbacks ends in jail much more often.

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