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The student invented a device that will save thousands of Allergy sufferers

Школьник придумал устройство, которое спасет тысячи аллергиковInteresting invention already interested in China.

This device is aimed at scanning the air and the definition therein of certain allergens. The development of Dmitry Subbotin’s the name of the author is already appreciated at the international exhibition in China.

To date, the device is tested on the territory of the village in which there lives the student. It is known that the perimeter of the settlement utanovleny sensors that scan the air and determine the number of allergens in it. Which is convenient, information about the concentration of allergens is available on a special website in the Internet. The present invention will show the available relevant information, thereby notifying the seizures. According to independent experts, this is a real scientific breakthrough.

By the way, according to the staff of Southampton University, in human DNA are special markers that stand behind the relationship of allergies and the time of year that she had a child. We are talking about epigenetic markers (specifically DNA methylation), which occurs depending on the time of birth and was present after 18 years.

Because of them, for example, those born in autumn are more likely to have eczema compared to those born in the spring. Scientists emphasize that epigenetic changes to DNA can influence gene expression for many years, and may be transmitted to the next generations. Scientists still do not identify what provokes epigenetic changes. It is possible the impact of differences in temperature, light level (day light duration) and characteristics of the diet.

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