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“The state spider” will destroy Jerusalem

Two years ago, was on a tour in Jerusalem. Penetrated and respect the great history of this city. Sorry if there will be something like Beirut in the civil war

taken from here – http://svpressa.ru/world/article/144330/

Before leaving the White house, Barack Obama has decided to annoy his personal enemy, Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu and to support the French version of the resolution on Palestine, resulting in autonomy will finally get the status of the state. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal — a publication known for its conservatism and political awareness. Reporters Carol E. Lee and Rory Jones, based on the sources, write that President Barack Obama intends to do before leaving the White house.

In explaining this decision, referred to as a personal conflict between Obama, Netanyahu. Their early relationship was not exactly friendly, but after nuclear deal with Iran has deteriorated dramatically. We will remind that on March 18-19, 2016, in the framework of negotiations between the heads of the Jewish state and the United States had planned to discuss major bilateral issues. However, at the beginning of spring suddenly The Jerusalem Post wrote that Netanyahu’s appearance with Obama. About same it is told and 10-channel TV in Israel. It is symptomatic that tel Aviv has not officially signalled that Washington, in fact, inflicting a political slap to the President of the United States. Apparently, Bibi (Netanyahu’s nickname is from the mid 70-ies) sees in the new oval office Democrats that do not like Obama.

The white house has offended so much that on the personal orders of the President of the United States state Department began to prepare a radical restart Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The primary measure, as an “attack” on Bibi, will lead to the adoption by UN Security Council resolution that will not only set the parameters of the two States and to declare East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. We are talking about the Paris initiative. We will remind, in September 2015-70th session of the UN General Assembly France was to speak with this program, what was said yesterday its foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (was headed by the foreign Minister of France since 16 may 2012 to 11 February 2016).

“This project (French — edition) as the reference point for border negotiations to be based on the territorial division, pre-1967, but leaves enough space for the exchange of lands, and also designates Jerusalem as the capital of both Israel and Palestine, explained the initiative of the Parisian journalist and political analyst Michael Snyder. Now the only person who stands in the way of a Palestinian state is Barack Obama. And considering the fact that he is the most anti-Israel President in our history, this is a very sobering thought… I believe that the current “peace plan” will only lead to war.”

Then Obama gave his consent. Now, in the last months of his presidency, the dark-skinned “leader of the free world” changed my mind. Thus he decided to pour more gunpowder into the smouldering Israeli-Arab fire that blazed in the summer of 2014. Then in the 50-day conflict between the IDF and Hamas killed 66 Israelis and Palestinians 2205. Militants fired 4,300 rockets and mortar shells into Israeli territory, received in response to the 5,000 air attacks. It is believed that in the Gaza Strip killed 890 militants, including 590 from Hamas, 200 from Islamic Jihad and 100 from other armed factions. The associated Press provided its report, which referred to significant civilian casualties — 66% of the total fatalities. “Of course, all this raises a red flag and speaks of the necessity of the investigation,” said Alex whiting, a former senior official of the International criminal court in the Hague.

Further negotiations between representatives of the IDF and Hamas have failed. Jews and Palestinians are virtually announced the release of “road map” of bill Clinton. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu after his re-election said that will not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state. Mahmoud Abbas on 30 September 2014 announced that it will not adhere to the Oslo accords. Both sides strongly insisted on their demands, refusing any compromise.

In the words of Michael Snyder that “the peace plan will lead to war”, there is an iron logic. First, in the West Bank and East Jerusalem currently live about 500,000 Jewish settlers. On ideas, they should become citizens of the new Palestine, in reality, however, will become hostages to the Islamists. Thus UN recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine will definitely provoke fierce religious conflict over the Temple mount. Compromise here can not be by definition. For the Jews this place is considered very Holy. According to the Jewish prophecies on the Temple mount will be built the Third Temple, which is destined to become a center for the Jewish people. For Muslims, the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple mount was the first kiblai in Islam before it was moved to Mecca and is currently the third holiest site after the Kaaba (Masjid al-Haram) in Mecca and the Prophet’s mosque in Medina. This area is associated with the night journey of the prophet Muhammad and his ascension. (Qibla — direction toward which the Muslims turn their faces during prayer).

Secondly, between Hamas and the Palestinian authority, there are sharp internal contradictions, and both of the cluster, which will join East Jerusalem, will become a zone of military-political confrontation. If we add to this cash infusion by donor countries, primarily Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians will receive access to new weapons.

Thirdly, fighting between the IDF and Hamas will go beyond police operations, and develop into the war between the States. On assistance to the Palestinians, no doubt, will follow the troops, “al-Qaeda” *, LIH** and the “Muslim brotherhood” ***. Of course, all of this will lead to dire international consequences.

Fourthly, the formation of Palestine as a state, will occur in unfavorable historical moment. “After twenty years of negotiations, instead the situation is corrected from bad to best, it goes from bad to worst,” I have to admit the Riad Mansour, the PA Ambassador to the UN. With him agrees the founder of the nonprofit organization “the Earthly Jerusalem” Israelite Daniel Seidemann: “Never in my memory was the complete absence of any hope for a political settlement”.

Of course, the complexity of the formation of Palestine as a state, could be called temporary, that is associated with the transition period, if not for one significant “but”. Jerusalem will immediately become the front-line city, and all Christian shrines, including the garden of Gethsemane, the Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Church of the Pater Noster (“our father”), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha, way of the cross will be, with high probability, under artillery and mortar fire. If this happens, the Christian world, including Orthodox, will forever lose its spiritual roots and purpose of pilgrimage. In other words, recognizing the Palestinians ‘ right to statehood, to political leaders, including Russian, should be considered the world’s historical and moral significance of Jerusalem.

 «Государство-паук» разрушит Иерусалим

Of course, inside Washington there are powerful opponents of such a development, but they will be powerless to do anything, if the adoption of the French resolution at the UN will occur in September or October, because it is the prerogative of the President of the United States, says Michael Snyder. Dark-skinned President of the US is clearly annoyed by the negativity from the Republican legislature and could afford a little fun — spoil the mood “paleface “elephants” (elephants are a symbol of the US Republicans). Moreover, a formal occasion to endorse the resolutions still available: 136 countries recognized Palestine. On the other hand, Israel will never accept a French resolution, thereby causing a severe reputational blow to the UN. However, this is not to stop aid to Palestine by arms and money from Egypt.

The official media in Israel tend not to comment on the news The Wall Street Journal about the division of Jerusalem with the blessing of the President of the United States. At the same time, the Jewish press repost this article did not remain without huge number of commentaries. Here are the most interesting ones.

“The U.S. is acting like a collective “spider-man” from the same movie, which hurry to help all humiliated. Destroying another villain or bad guys, “the state spider” destroys all in a row, leaving saved “humiliated” without bread and shelter. American moralism sometimes comes to the absurd, because those whom they defended, ultimately, die. Probably, there are cranks that explain such actions from the point of view of the theory of conspiracy. In reality, the latter the specialists of “multiple passes” was working for the Reagan. Now in the White house at first do and then think. If we add to this Imperial selfishness, and personal complexes of the present President, the world really can lose Jerusalem.”

“We need to not divide Jerusalem, and Obama, however, the two Obamas, the Earth will not survive. Well, in Beijing, in Berlin and in Moscow — adequate leaders. We can only pray that this will not happen.”

And we also need to hope that the bombs and missiles will never fall on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the ancient streets, along which Christ walked to Calvary.

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