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The state has set a goal – to milk the property owners to the last drop

Государство поставило себе цель – выдоить собственников недвижимости до последней капли

Grow tax when selling a property, stamp duty, notary charges, terms tax-free ownership of assets, contributions for the overhaul… in recent years we got the government and for what we will pay in the coming years, as we now discuss.

It seems that the government traditionally believes Russian citizens who have even the smallest piece of land, the dead square meter of real estate, dairy cows. And frequency of introduction of new “acres” is not even measured in years, months and weeks. Of course, in fairness, it should be noted that nuts and legal entities. But this does not add tranquility because it is links of one chain.

So, let’s see what we have to say thank you dear government?

1. The term of tenure for sales tax increased from 3 to 5 years.

Federal law No. 382 of 29 November 2014 “On amendments to parts one and two of the Tax code of the Russian Federation” (article 2) increased the period of ownership of a property, after which the citizen is exempt from paying personal income tax when selling the apartment – from 2016, this period is 5 years. I.e., if You entered into ownership of the property starting in 2016, it is possible to think about selling it (without being hit for taxes) You can… in 2021!

Of course, the law provides that the subjects of the Russian Federation can this period (after which the income from the sale is exempt from taxes) decrease for all categories of citizens even to zero. But is there any sane person who believes that this will happen?

By the way, earlier I wrote about how in such situation to pay less property taxes.

2. There will be no more deals for “1 million”.

Another extremely important innovation in 2015 is the mechanism for determining the tax base.

Until the end of 2015 when determining the tax on the income of the sale of the apartment were taken into consideration the price indicated in the contract of sale, but in January the system has changed. Now tax is paid by the greater of two amounts: 70% of the cadastral value of the apartment or the contract price. Therefore, the amount of the transaction size of one million rubles will be forgotten.

3. Mandatory notarization of any real estate transaction, if it involves a minor child.

This is the Federal law No. 391-FZ of 29.12.2015 g! Everyone knows that the notarization of real estate transactions is a process, which is very highly paid. Notary lobby deliberately and consistently promotes our interests on compulsory certification of all real estate transactions for the first year, it is very “tasty morsel”.

Why do we need complicated registration procedure of real estate transactions in the Federal registration service, employees of which in virtue of his office shall also verify the validity of the registration law, and the resolution obtained in the agencies of tutorship and guardianship? This question no one didn’t wonder about it.

By the way, the cost of such “ID” is 1% of the housing cost. Here and read.

4. The introduction of a system of contributions for capital repair of housing.

After the entry into force of Law No. 271-FZ all owners of housing in apartment buildings pay for the overhaul. And unlike pensions, salaries, social benefits, this article the state has a large index – growth in the country was around 6%.

By the way, realtors, be sure to keep in mind that all buyers of apartments and non-residential premises in apartment houses should carefully check the existence of debts of the former owner to payment for the repair. In part 3 of the article 158 of the LCD and stated: “the new owner acquires all obligations to the previous, …, including unfulfilled obligation to pay contributions”.

5. Increase the amount of state duty for registration of rights and treaties in the Building.

Another gesture by charging money for every “sneeze” associated with real estate transactions, was adopted by the government in 2015:

  • the state fee for legal persons for state registration of rights, restrictions (encumbrances) of rights (article 333.33 of the tax code) now is 22000 rubles;
  • the state duty for registration of a contract of donation apartment, registration of a contract of sale of an apartment, as well as for registration of rights and encumbrances of rights to immovable property, contracts on alienation for physical entities – 2 000 roubles.

6. The tightening of the insurance of civil liability of developers.

No sooner had the builders to rebel, but to learn to work in the system of compulsory insurance of civil liability for the performance of the obligations on transfer of the flats on completion of construction of residential houses, as the government has once again decided that somehow all too easy.

Now the volume of own funds of insurance companies should be 1 billion instead of 400 million rubles previously, must not have the provisions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on observance of requirements to ensure financial stability and solvency. This change affected almost all developers, because most of them simply don’t have time to bring their documents into compliance with the new requirements and to sign new insurance contracts with the companies included in the list of insurers by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

A natural result of this “Woe-regulation” was that the whole country on the market were only 19 insurers that meet the new requirements. Moreover, in the construction market activity is carried out only 4 of them, which, of course, immediately increased their rates at times, simultaneously tightening the requirements to construction companies.

7. The abolition of the indexation of maternity capital in 2016.

Well, there is absolutely no comment. Any transactions with the prisoner, purporting to limit its size, just hit the housing market. After all, according to the Pension Fund, for the purchase of housing accounted for about 94 % of all funds of the parent capital – i.e. 16 out of 17 families trying to improve their living conditions.

What is on the approach:

Double tax on land, where it is possible though to build something

Increased land tax are going to start collecting from citizens with the possibility of building on the sites of residential properties, however it is not implemented or do not have to register the property. The relevant amendments to article 396 of the Tax code has developed in the Ministry of economic development (according to gazeta.ru).

According to this law, on those lands on which to implement, but not provided housing to individuals and legal entities will have to pay the taxes by a factor of 2.

And allowed the construction of nearly all areas — for example, cottage or garden plots. Here is an opportunity for the construction of housing, but the assignment of sections of the other. Someone can build a house, and someone will just cultivate land, gardening and live in a trailer, but they will have to pay tax on an increased multiplier.

Bank financing of construction.

Good intentions, our government has decided to tighten the nuts of shared construction. Now, to protect real estate investors who want to enter the mechanism of project Bank funding – i.e. money will be transferred and stored on special accounts of banks that provide such financing, and the developer will be able to get them only after roleviki will get apartments.

Now this bill, which is still being finalized, provides for the introduction of additional requirements to developers, attracting money of shareholders. He suggests three stages of introduction of new requirements: 1 March, 1 July 2016 and 1 January 2017.

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