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The Soviet citizen — the role model

Советский гражданин — пример подражания

Under the influence of Western culture and market economy often find statements about the negative effects of the Soviet period on contemporary life. Such statements are ambiguous and do not always meet reality. To trace the impact of political and economic structure of the Union on contemporary organization of society and individual, is difficult. Overall, made any conclusion, can always be viewed from different angles and positions, which leads to any ambiguity regarding the USSR withdrawal.

The influence of Soviet culture, morality is still being felt. The principles of morality and modern morality, most of it based on the foundations established and verified life of citizens is of the Soviet period. Even the most ardent critics of any Soviet manifestations cannot deny the importance of the structure of the Soviet family in the formation of the necessary Patriotic and Patriarchal qualities of the citizen of modern Russia. And while many aspects of the life of the Communist society had a decidedly negative connotation (denunciations, political persecution, etc.), but for the family of the Soviet period, many Communist ideas were alien. The participation of most citizens in political life was indicative only and was partially in fear of the party of persecution because of political inconsistencies. But the impact of politics did not prevent the development of a truly Patriarchal and Patriotic qualities, which has always had Russian people of any historical period. On the contrary, the Soviet system was supported and even forced everyone to cultivate necessary social skills.

Real domestic atmosphere in most Soviet families was exemplary for similar cells in other social communities. The Union society was obliged Soviet citizen to be: honest, decent, exemplary workers, an exemplary family man.

Such qualities had everyone from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The integrity of Soviet citizens was manifested in all areas of domestic relations. The love for the Motherland and the family as the basic social unit, inculcated from childhood. Honest Soviet people, both at school and at College and at work. Universal employment guaranteed to each citizen a necessity in native society and has provided ample opportunities for self-realization. A Soviet person was a whole person even in spite of the iron curtain.

At the same time the identity of the citizen of the USSR to the class of workers allowed to feel comfortable and in societies of other States with which the Union had friendly relations. Soviet citizen were happy to see and Central America, and Africa, and in Asia. The population of the friendly countries realize that the Soviet people does not have Bank accounts and his visit is not connected with the desire to enrich themselves at the expense of local resources. In turn the Americans and Europeans everywhere defended their exclusively commercial interests, and everywhere showed their financial and political superiority. Therefore, the attitude to the Soviet people is quite understandable and logical. Pro Soviet sentiments are still evident in the friendly against Russian citizens in many countries of the world.

Childhood and all of the Soviet past have made many people born and brought up in the Union of two people, worthy of emulation. Many memories of the retro period are connected with the excellent Soviet education. Nostalgia for past times is justified.

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