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The smartphone giant Sony Xperia C6 appeared on “live” pictures

Oh and I love modern smartphones supposedly happened in the film allegedly unknown paparazzi. Of course, this cheap way of attracting attention of potential buyers, but the fact that we all every time it is conducted, it is always fun, what are you going to surprise us in a new cell phone. Today let’s consider the still-unannounced Sony Xperia C6, which also has something to boast.

However, we got excited — Sony Xperia C6 outwardly resembles the “Classics” from the one known in our country automobile, that is, in other words he’s clumsy and, in General, no. I hope that this is just a prototype, otherwise he is guaranteed the title of a mobile phone with the most boring design in the world, and this is especially noticeable when looking at the back side of it. But here’s what not to take Sony Xperia C6, is its gigantic display — it 6-inch, and even with thin side edges, making it look even bigger plus over it flaunts a front facing flash for fans to litter the whole “version are you using?” with “istogramma” informationask your selfie.

Now Sony Xperia C6 is under active testing (in the language of gamers, beta testing), but we already know that it supports two SIM cards, a La any modern “great” and is based on an 8-core recently released MediaTek processor P10 Helio, too, in General, from China. Other details are unavailable at this time.

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