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The Russians will make bread from wheat for livestock legally

Россиянам будут печь хлеб из пшеницы для скота на законных основаниях

In the Russian grain Union said the use of feed wheat, which is grown to feed livestock, when baking bread. “For anybody not a secret that feed wheat is involved for bread production”, – said the President of Russian grain Union Arkady Zlochevskiy.

Currently in Russia, is developing a new standard, which will allow you to bake bread from flour of the fifth class. At the moment it is allowed to grow only for animal feed or for technical purposes. The new standard, according to Zlochevsky, “fixes the existing state of things in the regulations”.

According to the expert, feed wheat of the fifth class is used in the so-called stuff. “Take the improvers, any amount of wheat of the fourth class, domeshivat that is cheaper and at the expense of improvers get a grinding party,” explained the head of Russian grain Union, quoted by “Interfax”.

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– The Rosselkhoznadzor: the quality of bread in Russia is deteriorating

Low quality bread and the shift bakers for wheat for cattle Zlochevsky explained by the growing cost of manufacture of bakery products and “Russian practice” in the issue of pricing for the products. The expert argues that today bakers is actually one way out of this situation – to donate.

“On the one hand, there is absolutely no one controlled, very dynamic growth of bakers costs associated, primarily, with high energy costs for baking bread. On the other hand is a traditional Russian practice of suppression of pricing in the market of bread and bakery products”, – said Zlochevsky.

“The administrative pressure on prices is carried out in all regions without exception and at all levels of government, – said the head of the grain Union. – This leads to the fact that we have the lowest prices on bread. Only cheaper bread in Egypt, where bread is subsidized by the state. We have subsidies to the bakers no”.

According to him, the price of bread in Russia is 4-5 times lower than in Europe and the USA. However Zlochevsky assured that, in spite of all the innovations discussed, grain buyers, both domestic and foreign markets – primarily will be looking at quality indicators.

Last week in the State Duma held a “round table”, which discussed the quality of food. During the discussion the President of the Union of bakers Anatoly Kosovan said that now “working” is the project of GOST which allows to use the wheat of the fifth class for the production of bread flour.

According to Kosovan, flour improvers are coming into the country stream. “The trains come with these formulations, with additives, with different substances, decolorizing or put the flour in, say, second grade color to flour,” said he.

“The worse here, better there, because the production of conditioners in the Russian Federation no, the enzyme industry was ruined in the early 90-ies and has not been restored,” said Kosovan.

The President of the bakery Union said that the flour good condition can be obtained from wheat of the third class. Its resources in the country is sufficient. “Today, however, flour is produced mainly of grain of the fourth class,” he said.

The assistant head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Alexei Alekseenko 20 February said that the quality of bread in Russia is deteriorating. “We can’t control the quality of the flour. We all see that the quality of bread is degrading before our eyes,” said the official, citing liquidation in 2004 the state grain Inspectorate.

Alekseyenko also noted that the possibility of state control of safety of bread products in Russia is limited. Due to the loss of state control deteriorates too much grain, the official added.

According to the official, now some companies are lobbying the legislative authorization to use for the production of bread of coarse grain which is intended for feeding animals. He said that for the baking of bread made from such grain you must use a so-called improvers.

Assistant head of Rosselkhoznadzor reported that the Agency tries to resist such initiatives, but the Rosselkhoznadzor does not have statutory law. The official added that any initiatives of the Agency shall be submitted through the Ministry of agriculture.

In October 2015, the Minister of agriculture and food Alexander Tkachev said that by April 2016 the price of bread could rise by an average of 3.5 rubles per unit of production, up to 25,30 RUB. The Minister called this a forced process.

Earlier the Wall Street Journal citing the USDA reported that in 2016 Russia may come out on top in the world in terms of wheat exports. According to experts, it will send to the market of 23.5 million tonnes, 3% more than last year. The reason for this is the increased dollar rate.

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