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The real economy of Russia

In the latest episode of “Real economy” I want to congratulate our cosmonaut Sergei Kornienko, together with Western counterpart Scott Kelly, was in orbit for a record 340 days.

Реальная экономика России

I want to congratulate not because of all the media trumpeting about Kelly and our astronaut, for poorly understood reasons, bypassed, and because he did really a great job, which went into the Treasury of the Foundation for those technologies that at some point will allow us to start exploring deeper space including in economic terms. From the soul in General!


Реальная экономика России

As reports a press-the centre “Schwabe”, the holding company registered a patent for the creation of glass with high coefficient of light transmission in two spectral regions: visible and near infrared. New technology allows for 25 – 50% increase to this figure during the proceedings.

Know-how developed by experts of the enterprises of the Holding “Schwabe” — JSC “Lytkarino optical glass factory” (JSC LZOS), to ensure that safe and efficient mode of cooking special disilicate glass.


Реальная экономика России

In Berdsk, the Novosibirsk region, with the support of local government established a pilot centre for industrial biotechnology “Probiotech” on the base of LLC “Sibbiopharm”Ltd.

Model “Probiotech” developed in partnership with Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok and taking into account the experience of creation of similar pilot centres in Italy, UK and France. Technology, used in the formation of the Novosibirsk city, Russia up to the present time has not been applied. On the establishment of the center from Federal budget allocated 57 million rubles.

A biotechnology company’s products can be used for the needs of agriculture, health, forest protection, and ecological purposes. The equipment installed in the center, allows you not only to test the latest developments in the field of Microbiology, but also provides a full cycle of biotechnological production, including production of finished commodity form.


Реальная экономика России

At the National research technological University “MISIS” (Moscow, Russia) completed construction of a unique Center working in the range “from micron to the helicopter”.

The centre should become a leading Russian hi-tech digital laboratory in industrial design and prototyping of high complexity for the domestic industry.

For the construction and equipping the centre with modern equipment, the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation has allocated 1 billion rubles.

I sincerely hope that this tool will give young scholars a new impetus to the technological conquest of the peaks. For our country it is very important now.


Реальная экономика России

In the Production complex JSC “Zvezda-ENERGETIKA” was held a trial run of the domestic electric appliance “Old-АД630 T-T400”, implemented at the production facilities of the company in the framework of the state program of import substitution.

Diesel electric plant with a capacity of 630 kW is designed to supply power to the emergency and permanent modes as the main source of energy supply. The composition of the unit also includes a control system specially developed by software engineers of the Department of automated control systems and manufacturing automated control system of JSC “Zvezda-ENERGETIKA”. The Assembly of the SPG on industrial controller with software of its own design completely eliminates the possibility of ingress of malware.


Реальная экономика России

A new production building opened in Novosibirsk on JSC “Katod”. In an area of 6 thousand square meters housed modern equipment and created a unique “clean zone” for the production of image intensifier tubes used in night vision devices. The company’s share in the global market of electro-optical converters (EOP) 3rd generation by the end of 2015 was 12%, with the commissioning of new production buildings Novosibirsk the company in the coming years plans to take his product to 20% of the world market.

The volume of investments in the project amounted to 500 million rubles — own funds and government support in the form of tax exemptions on the property of the organization and the income tax.

Production building equipped with high-performance equipment, designed and manufactured by specialists of the enterprise in accordance with the latest global developments in the electronics industry.


Реальная экономика России

The Sevmash commissioned 128-metre gantry crane “knight” of domestic production. Multi-ton giant will deliver the goods at the ongoing modernization of the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” project 11442М.

“The knight” became one of the highest objects of Sevmash, it is installed in the liquid pool of the enterprise. For the plant it is unique, not only in size but also in function. On the departure of 40 meters the crane can lift a load weighing not less than 60 tons, and in conjunction with other cranes he is able to bring on Board large equipment weighing up to a hundred tons.

As you know, without such Mahin, to restore the production of large-tonnage ships will not be easy. Particularly pleased with the fact that manufacture these cranes in Russia.


Реальная экономика России

New production line launched at the plant “Metaclay” in the Bryansk region. The basis of the line laid down by domestic technology development, which in half will speed up the production of pipes for gas pipelines. Just one layer of the new polymer “Metaclay” will reliably protect the pipe from corrosion.

According to General Director of the company, traditionally pipe used for oil and gas pipelines laid in the ground, dressed in a four-layer coating, resulting in the pipe manufacturing process is delayed. Scientists of the enterprise “Metaclay” managed to develop a polymeric material of increased strength, which does not tear when welding pipes and protects them from corrosion.


Реальная экономика России

The group of companies “Special systems and technologies” launched Russia’s first production of conductive plastics and self-regulating heating cables. A unique manufacturing expanded on the basis of Special design Bureau “Gamma” included in the group of companies “FTAs”.

Self-regulating heating cables are the main element of the electrical heaters that provide protection from climate risk industrial targets in strategic branches of industry. Starting in the group of companies “FTAs” serial of the domestic production of self-regulating heating cables complete cycle opens new opportunities to improve the level of energy and technological security of the enterprises of fuel-energy and military-industrial complex of Russia.


Реальная экономика России

According to the press-center MISIS, Russian scientists from National research technological University presented a prototype nuclear batteries, capable of continuous operation for 50 years, the range of applications reaches from medicine to rocket science. As an energy material is an isotope of Nickel-63.

We can say that if the path from prototype to series will be fast enough, and our fellow citizens will not be slowing down in other areas, then the car “Tesla”, universal American exoskeletons, as well as many other things with the pump promote our overseas counterparts, but were not large enough batteries to complete their work, will remain children’s toys on the background of the fact that we will be able to set up in Russia. In exoskeletons, much depends on energy, which is just not enough for a long enough use. The same applies to Tesla. Interesting machine, is in General easier their mechanical counterparts, but the battery, which can accommodate up to 450 km only lives if you go in the city. Went to the track and all, because Tesla essentially one speed, and the faster you go, the faster rate of energy. The main thing is not to blunt for those who do not understand, to understand that the time “bought for a ruble, and sold at 2” out. Everyone has a unique chance to do something useful in the global plan for his country and for himself.


Реальная экономика России

Yaroslavl motor plant “Autodiesel” “GAZ Group” (part of the group “Basic Element”) has created a promising development — a prototype of YAMZ-53405 for a new combine harvester production “Rostselmash”. The prototype of YAMZ-53405 for combine harvester NOVA production “Rostselmash”has a maximum capacity of 180 HP, maximum torque 670 Nm nominal speed 2200 min-1, minimum specific fuel consumption 193 g/kW.h


– In the foundry Department of the Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter has mastered a new product — flat ingots of aluminium / magnesium alloy.

– Tverskaya site SIBUR has started the production of PET film designed for the production of films for food and technical purposes.

“Evropolimer” (Rostov-on-don), a major producer of films, pipes from polyethylene and PVC, packaging, launched a new extrusion line.

– In the Small village ramene Vokhomsky district began to operate a modern plant for production of fuel pellets.

The first major foreign supercomputer, built with Russian computing equipment, took 49th place ranking the most powerful supercomputers of the world TOP500. JURECA built supercomputers “T-Platforms” in the German supercomputer center jülich.

And some numbers..

Mosgorstat said that the volume of sales of vodka and liqueurs fell in Moscow by 23.6% in January 2016, compared with the same period last year.

Of course, but for a certain segment of the economy is bad, but for the country and the economy as a whole, it is rather a plus than a minus. I think that we need to explain why

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