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The presence of palm oil in the products will be obliged to indicate on the packaging

Наличие пальмового масла в продуктах обяжут указывать на упаковке

In the near future in the Duma will be introduced a bill on mandatory placement on the packaging of food information about the presence of palm oil. About this “news” said the author of the bill the head of Committee on economic policy Anatoly Aksakov. According to him, such law is necessary to ensure fair competition of food producers, some of whom actively uses the product, safety for health which raises questions. To support the initiative is ready and the Committee on family, women and children, where also believe that palm oil can be hazardous to the health of citizens.

– The idea to ban palm oil in Russia, as an additive in dairy products, expressed earlier. But a complete ban, in my opinion, not the right way. But economic methods to align conditions of competition of those who use palm oil, and those who use whole milk for production of dairy products is, in our opinion, correctly. Thus, we encourage domestic production of dairy products. And the current state of Affairs it kills, because it is cheaper to import palm oil to dilute them and animal oils, explained the initiative of Anatoly Aksakov, stressing that the production of natural milk products in Russia becomes unprofitable.

According to him, the usefulness of the use of palm oil is open to question, however, few of the manufacturers that use this put the marking about its presence in their products. According to some scholars, palm oil is the cheapest vegetable refractory fat that does not dissolve completely in the body, which leads to disruption of metabolism, the threat of developing diabetes, hypertension, may trigger the appearance of cancer. Its undoubted advantages for manufacturers are the maximum reduction in price of dairy products and extended shelf life.

– Mandatory this procedure is not reflected today in the legislative acts. But, in my opinion, it is necessary to specify precisely, so people know what they are paying money, – says Anatoly Aksakov.

– Our Committee will also support this initiative. Palm oil is found in many infant formula, while the kids love their taste, the kids will gladly drink their well and gain weight. However, many pediatricians are sounding the alarm – the child’s body is often not able to process the fatty acids of palm oil, producing colic and digestion discomfort. The digestibility of calcium in the body may decrease, which may lead to reduction of mineral bone density and the risk of formation problems with the musculoskeletal system of the child, – told “Izvestia” Chairman of the State Duma Committee on family, women and children Olga Epifanova.

According to her, of course, the decision to buy a particular baby formula new parents must make, but you must provide them maximum information about products who use their children.

2 February, the Committee on economic policy has sent letters to relevant departments – the Ministry of health, Rospotrebnadzor with the request to “provide information on the situation prevailing in the consumer market of Russia in connection with the use of palm oil in the food industry.” In addition to the mandatory labeling bill in may provides for an increase of excise duties on palm oil and a number of other measures. Note that according to Rosstat, the supply of palm oil to Russia for 9 months of 2015 increased by 31.7% compared to the same period in 2014.

– Palm oil – a cheap replacement for animal fats. It can significantly increase the shelf life of the finished product, therefore, is now widely used in the manufacture of chocolate, confectionery products, fast food, baby food. With its high content of fatty saturated acids, because of their high heat resistance in the body it acquires the consistency of clay and clog transport “channels” of the body, resulting in cardiovascular diseases. This oil is especially harmful in combination with carbohydrates and because of their presence today confectionery products long do not spoil even in the heat, – said the head of the Russian public movement “Healthy choice” Alexander Korsunov.

In his opinion, the initiative of the Duma Committee on economic policy can only be welcomed.

– People are under enormous pressure information media and everyday problems, and not all look at the composition of the product, and are guided only by brand recognition. It is therefore important in large letters, write: “Here there is palm oil”. And then let the consumer make a certain choice, – believes Alexander Korsunov.

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