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The people of Iceland showed their standard of living. Photo

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. ФотоIt looks like an ordinary house in Reykjavik.

Since soccer has risen a worldwide wave of interest in Iceland, let’s see lives of ordinary Icelanders. Or rather, where they live.

Here’s a typical house in Reykjavik.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

In this panel five-story building the family lives, which in June lent me his apartment while she was flying to the South.

Apartments in the building do not have the numbers, they are generally not marked, but transparent mailboxes signed by the names of the tenants; the postman and visitors, this is enough, moreover, for communication with the owners has an intercom. Tambour locks.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

Floors and stairs in the entrance are covered with a soft carpet, which was obviously someone cares, but for all the time I haven’t seen anyone who would like a cleaning lady. And with the neighbors, however, almost no overlap, which is not too surprising, because in the entrance of only 8 apartments – 2 on each floor.

Home twenty years, perhaps, but when you look at them from stairwells, during this time, and has not acquired individual traits. All doors are the same, obviously installed by the builders. None of the occupants have not changed on the popular metal and specially fortified with a lot of constipation. Door handles and locks are standard and very simple.

Most interesting, however, is behind these doors.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

I know little about the landlady. Even her name is Hilda – a specially simplified version for the guest and has not mastered the intricate local language. Judging by the books in the bookcase, her interests are in the Humanities or social Sciences. About the financial situation can be judged according to the situation of the apartment – not a top Manager, perhaps, but not blue collar.

By our standards, the apartment, but here they say differently: two bedrooms plus living/sitting room. One of the bedrooms plays the role of a child, and she, at the request of the hostess remained closed, so we will only see her door.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

The center of attraction in the living room, besides the dining table, of course, it’s a great TV. It is notable primarily for its exclusivity in this rather big apartment, more TVs is not here, neither in the bedroom nor in the kitchen. The idiot box isn’t getting to the Icelanders, another family member, constantly demanding attention to his person.

The living room opens on a little balcony, glued to the house, it seems, the sole purpose – to have somewhere to put the grill. He is there and is covered with a cover, like many of the housemates. On weekends and holidays, must have a yard filled with pleasant aromas.

Living room looks quite modern, it is clear that the owners have arranged it for themselves, why not tell about other rooms. Here, for example, rather cramped bedroom with fitted wardrobes, which were obviously from the builders.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

The bathroom also does not have outstanding size, but there is a window. By the way, this window to Europe is to look in more detail: the frame is wooden, with prehistoric hardware and already cracked from time to time, but it is a glass. There are actually several layers of glass. These Windows in the house were also installed initially during construction.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

Capital of plastic glasses such popular and considered almost a panacea against cold, noise and robbers, I’m in Iceland nowhere to be seen, though, say, the local climate – cool, wet and windy – offers extra protection at home; the battery all the bedrooms are quite powerful and adjustable. As for crime, it is here at this level, even on the first or ground floors, almost no one puts guards or is deaf shutters.

There are still kitchen. In panel houses it rarely impresses with its size, and this rule is absolutely international, and met these modest square meters of international brand of home appliances, detergents and many products, so that all world cuisines are similar to each other and run them is not difficult.

All built-in furniture in the kitchen is also from the old times, it is still sturdy and functional, and the owners see no reason to change it.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

Something is clearly not enough in this apartment. Something like that, why not just used at home, but what was absolutely necessary, though not always necessary in a practical sense, a part of the home.

First, on the window sills not found flowers. There you can find anything: some figurines, photo frames, candles, etc., but always spelled out in our houses cacti and tradescantia in Iceland is not nearly meet. Walking the streets of Reykjavik or Akureyri and looking into people’s Windows, something where you can notice the flowers, but they are very few, lovers of greenery then for some reason a rarity.

And the second question: where is the washing machine? She is neither in the bathroom nor in the kitchen. It was only in the basement, where each entrance has its own mini-Laundry. Where Icelanders dry clothes, and remained a mystery to me, because on the balconies to hang pants and socks there as it is not accepted.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

In the basement next to the Laundry room equipped and a small store bikes.

 Жители Исландии показали свой уровень жизни. Фото

Here is a normal Icelandic home. Maybe it is also increased someone now known all over the world players of the national team. Although it is unlikely that the quality of the game depends on it. Other photos can be seen here.

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