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The path to the liberals through sex-shops and more… on the bench?

Olga Lee: the way of the liberals through sex-shops

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Olga Lee. Only yesterday the name of this pretty girl was not known to almost anyone outside of Kursk area. But today she became the hero of nearly all Russian opposition publications. “Echo of Moscow”, “Medusa” and other communities on the liberal side were just “Bang” to throw a bunch of video requests with the Olga and articles in defense of the twenty-six of the Deputy of regional Duma. Say, even in the Russian hinterland were young, responsible patriots of their country, ready to rush a breast on struggle with “bloody totalitarian regime” and should definitely be supported. Such PR company Olga herself did not expect obviously, but became an overnight hero to all the liberal media Deputy of the Kursk, the sense of his sudden fame to extract is unlikely to succeed: for his Internet exploits Olga has already paid the school two criminal cases against her under articles “extremism” and “libel”.

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Photo source: meduza.io

The formal reason for all the hype and fallen on the head of our heroine unexpected “fame” was a series of recorded and published applications on the address of the President of Russia, Olga allowed himself, while in the position of the Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma. Starting with a banal provocative appeals not to pay for utility services, it is smoothly spread on the infamous prosecution of the highest echelons of Russian power in corruption, and Bravo finished the accusations of Vladimir Putin in the total genocide of the Russian people. With all of this, of course, not forgetting to tear off the veil with a high rating of the President of Russia in the Kursk region, which is completely unclear where data is not more than 25%.

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And, of course, similar words, publicly expressed, albeit local and regional, but still an MP, could not remain without attention of the Russian liberals. New Princess of the Russian opposition was immediately crowned.

But why actually newly made Deputy of the Kursk took all these revelations? What Olga Does, just like that, chest on fire, rushes to fight the government? For the sake of the people?

The answers to these questions lie in the biography of our heroine and some of the features of recreation of the city of Kursk.

If you try to porazveyatsya in the positions held by Olga Lee, we soon found out that the girl in addition to their legislative activities, also working hard as a journalist in a sort of “International journal of Sasha” and as chief editor of the local newspaper “people’s journalist”, which, to put it mildly, stretches very bad name.

Despite the post Does, in fact, both publishing houses belong to famous Kursk businessman Konstantin Sosonkina, a native of the dashing 90’s, who had in his time to serve 3.5 years for extortion, later changed name to Berezin. The name of the businessman became very famous in the city thanks to the scandals, was involved in Stolkin. Fraud, extortion, and, most importantly, protection of institutions that provide sexual services. It is the latter, say so, services, the most that neither is directly bound him and Olga Lee.

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Photo source: vk.com

The fact is that both publishers Sosonkina are, roughly speaking, under one roof headquartered hotel chain luxury class “Diana”, offering around Kursk “sweet girls room and sauna” that is commonplace in prostitution. Of course, the “sweet girls” willing to engage in this kind of cases, Sosonkina had somewhere to look for; here and there was a “magazine Sasha”, actively luring young girls prestigious shootings for allegedly world-renowned media, which also offered a lot of money.

So, yesterday’s student, gold medalist, the winner of a local beauty contest Olga Lee, of course, easily fell into the trap of businessman. About the job our heroine directly into the “Diana” is not known, but, apparently, her mental abilities were above average and did quite quickly move up the career ladder, into one of the publishers of the businessman.

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Photo source: vk.com

Becoming a journalist in the “International journal”, Olga was personally involved in recruiting girls for sex-shops Sosonkina, and soon received the post of chief editor of the second draft of the businessman, the newspaper “people’s journalist”, where he also conducted advertising “hotel luxury”, but mostly moved Sosonkina interests in other areas of its business. Well and then, Kursk businessman quickly realized that the talented assistant can continue to use this. The main thing — to push her higher into politics.

And now, thanks to Finance and influence Sosonkina, after the election campaign, Olga Lee in 25 years gets a parliamentary seat in the Kursk regional Duma and the businessman becomes first her assistant, a kind of “grey Eminence”. And then the fun begins…

The newly made Deputy, like American gangster of the last century, rolls on a brand new Chevrolet Impala and using its mandate and the position of journalist, in determining its high patron-assistant. Need land for new “Diana”? Salkin or in person If going to claim privileged rights directly to the district heads. Need a room under the restaurant “people’s journalist”? The method is similar. Otherwise, on officials is serious pressure on the administrative level, thanks to the Deputy mandate. And, if this is not enough and — pocket newspaper Sosonkina vengeance begins to pour difficile municipals mud, along the way, not forgetting to advertise the services of the same hotel “Diana”. Business entrepreneur-felon has never developed so well.

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Photo source: shturm.info

But, of course, Sosonkina this is not enough, his goal extremely tempted to go back in the 90’s, during the domination of liberalism in the country and, as a result, too. The strings of his puppets start here, the personal Deputy of the businessman on a couple of his personal rag criticise and left and right to cut off heads “Russian totalitarianism”.

Kursk Prosecutor and the Governor are criminals! To Give The Crimea To Ukraine! The entire country will support Navalny, Udaltsov, Nemtsov and Kvachkova! Putin’s approval rating too high! Mass boycott of utilities across the country! The appeals and complaints amusing the Deputy to the people immediately becomes clear: they are absolutely ignorant that their arguments are unsubstantiated and clearly are dictated by someone else. Whether in his violent tirades manages to put in one number with leaders of the opposition Kvachkova, people extremely hostile not only to government, but to all of Navalny, Udaltsov, Nemtsov and other things. In a word, ludicrous fight with the supposedly depressing people government in the Kursk region is in full swing. Here only from time to time it is not particularly notice…

Путь в либералы через интим-салоны и далее... на нары?

Source фото:shturm.info

Everything changes when Lee is trying to draw attention to its ostentatious fight goes too far (as she admitted later — she’s “just boiling” ) and in another video address openly accuses the President of Russia in the genocide of his own people, did not give any evidence. And, lo and behold, our gallant heroine, finally, chained. That’s just not people.

In early March, the relevant authorities in relation to the activities of the Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma Olga If an inspection is carried out, the results of which criminal case under part 1 of article 298.1 of the criminal code (defamation against a judge in connection with the examination of cases or materials in court) for publication in the “people’s journalist”. And then another, this time on the 282nd article…

The baton of attention from the hands of law enforcement officers immediately picked up by the liberal media, making conflict with the law of deputatsky simultaneously and a political Martyr, and his new Princess alone was not afraid to speak out as much against the whole system! She also Does ridiculous trying to defend himself, citing his criminal prosecution nomination for the Duma elections, and allegedly a direct command from the Kremlin.

That’s just such methods to escape responsibility in two criminal cases unlikely to succeed, too much time to compromise themselves hapless puppet of the criminal entrepreneur. To think, who to contact it, but lust for life on a Grand scale, coupled with the notoriety has done its job, and no exculpatory articles in the liberal media now will not save.


Vladimir Sergeev

Photo source: 2ch.hk

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