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The online shop GearBest will celebrate the anniversary with a Grand sale

Large online shop GearBest, with whom our readers are probably already familiar with, is planning in a big way to celebrate your second birthday! In honor of this momentous event he has arranged a Grand sale and simultaneously draws of valuable prizes, including cash. Anniversary promotion from GearBest starts today and will last for three days, so hurry up to buy the items you need at incredibly low prices! This sale will allow you to buy, for example, cutting-edge smartphone for half of its market value and save thousands of rubles, than if the same smartphone was bought in Russia.

As an example, the trendy smartphone 4G Ulefone Paris, endowed with two SIM-cards and cellular networks of the fourth generation, so popular in our country. Its regular price is almost 120 us dollars, but the campaign can be purchased for only $ 70, so the difference is quite obvious. Another example is candy bar NOTE CUBOT 3G S, priced at $ 112 and is available for only $ 44. Where smartphones, there is a smart watch: wrist accessory Vidonn X6S with the original design and the ability to connect to cellular networks will become your not for 42 dollars, and only 17. The same applies to many other gadgets: action-Cam FIREFLY 6S are not sensitive to drops, water and dust, will be yours for only $ 70 instead of the original 148 dollars, but it has Wi-Fi, built-in display and the ability to record 4K video.

GearBest has reduced prices on a variety of products, including the very exotic: what do you think about the compact laser engraver NEJE DK-8 Pro-5, which simply can be bought for 48 dollars, when on a normal day it costs $ 207? Or how about a powerful tablet computer Teclast X98 Plus operating system Google Android 5.1 and Microsoft Windows 10, simultaneously installed on it? This faithful assistant in the work will be sent to you in exchange for 153 dollar with original price in $ 276 dollars.

In the sale involved dozens of products from the most world famous Chinese brands like ZTE, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Kingzone, Cubot, Oukitel, Huawei and others. About each of them heard and many people in Russia, and they always guarantee the high quality of its products. From GearBest promo will last until March 23, but the number of instances of each device is limited, so it is not advised to delay the purchase. By the way, you can get an additional discount of 3% on any promotional product – you need only pay via PayPal.

But even this is not all: in the framework of the online store will hold a drawing for valuable prizes – it will be a modern smartphone Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 or 20,000 bonus points, which is $ 400 U.S. dollars! Detailed conditions of the promotion are listed on the official website GearBest.

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