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The most beautiful skyscrapers of the planet. Photo

Самые красивые небоскребы планеты. ФотоIn skyscrapers has its own architectural charm.

International organization for tall building Council on tall buildings and urban habitat announced the winners of the 15th annual competition of the best skyscrapers in the world “CTBUH Awards”.

So, how does look the best of the best.

The best new high-rise knowledge around the globe this year were the second highest skyscraper in the world and a great pyramidal tower in new York. VIA 57 West” won the category “America”, “The Cube” won in the category “middle East and Africa. “Shanghai Tower” was the best skyscraper in the category “Asia and Australia”, and “The White Walls” won in the category “Europe”.

Shanghai Tower – Gensler

Самые красивые небоскребы планеты. Фото

Company Gensler has created one of the most prominent buildings in the Eastern hemisphere – Shanghai Tower, which is currently the second tallest skyscraper in the world. Rising 632 meters above the bustling Chinese city skyscraper cost $ 2.4 billion While the walls of the building, “twisted” coils at 120 degrees from the roof to the ground to reduce wind load.

Shanghai Tower has 128 floors and its total usable area is 420 000 sq m. the building is remarkable is that it has a system of collecting rainwater and 270 wind turbines to produce power.

The Cube / Orange Architects

Самые красивые небоскребы планеты. Фото

Dutch firm Orange Architects has built his 50-foot “Cube” in the Lebanese capital Beirut. In this unusual tower has 14 blocks-floors that rotate 90 degrees.

“The Cube” consists of 19 luxury apartments with total areas of 5,600 sq m. the underground garage is a Parking lot, and a large part of the building hangs over the main entrance.

Via 57 West-BIG

Самые красивые небоскребы планеты. Фото

Renowned Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) won the category of “the Americas” due to its project Via 57 West, which became one of the most interesting in recent years. Towering 142,3 meter pyramid has become one of the iconic landmarks of new York.

Tower, internal useful area of which is 80 000 square meters, boasts some elements of sustainable design. Water use is minimized through the collection and treatment of rainwater, and also thanks to energy-efficient washing machines.

The White Walls Ateliers Jean Nouve

Самые красивые небоскребы планеты. Фото

French Studio Ateliers Jean Nouvel won in Europe thanks to the project “The White Walls”, which is also known as “the Cyprus tower” and “Tower 25”. Located in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia skyscraper rises of 69.6 meters high and is the tallest building in the country.

The tower has a “vertical garden” on the South facade, and the facade is covered with holes for added ventilation.

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