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The media in Latin America: Putin’s position is strong due to foreign policy

СМИ Латинской Америки: позиции Путина сильны благодаря внешней политике

The Argentinean edition of La Nacion (3.03) published an article by ex-Ambassador of Argentina to the UN Emilio Cardenas (Emilio Cárdenas) “Putin’s Policy in the middle East”. According to the author, currently the Russian economy is in a sad state, and the Russians are in a stressed and nervous state. However, Putin’s position in the Russian society are strong, and its rating is extremely high. In many ways this has been achieved thanks to the results of foreign policy, in particular, in the Crimea and in the Donbass.

Putin has managed in their interests to take advantage of nationalist ideas. The Russian leader was able to “Wake up” to the Russians Patriotic ideas after the collapse of the USSR, the author writes.

In the middle East Russia Western countries demonstrated high combat readiness of the armed forces and in practice proved that the Russian military equipment in no way inferior to Western models.

Putin has managed to implement a bold strategy in Syria, which many believed to be erroneous, but in fact turned out to be effective. Russian military presence in Syria is crucial to the survival of the Assad regime.

Russia knows what she wants and to achieve its goals acts decisively and bravely, not afraid at any time for convenience to use force to achieve balance of forces in the region, the author notes the publication.

On the website of the South American TV channel TeleSur (2.03) published the article “U.S. plan “B” for Syria”. Author Khalifa, Alfredo (Alfredo Jalife) argues that the US is wary of Russia and are confident that it will follow the agreement about ceasefire in Syria. If it does not, the United States has prepared a plan “B”. It could include new sanctions against Russia and U.S. allies in the middle East can supply the opposition with high-tech weapons, including anti-aircraft.

United States intelligence data indicate that the Kurds in Western Syria, worked together with the Russian side when the attacks on the moderate opposition, which is supported by the United States. All this can potentially lead to the establishment of Russian influence in the area adjacent to the border with Turkey which is a NATO member. That’s why the United States expressed extreme doubt that Moscow will comply with the terms of the agreement, the paper concludes.

Russia bombed only militants and not civilians, according to Mexican news Agency Noticias MVS (7.03). As stated by the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov, the Russian Federation HQs in Syria does not strike at armed groups that supported the cessation of hostilities. According to him, Russia fulfills obligations, and the Russian planes are bombing the territory, which are based on the formation that supported the truce and reported in the Russian or American reconciliation centre on the site of its location.

The representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation noted that in General the truce in Syria holding, but the provocations and the attacks still happen, specifies the edition.

Venezuelan newspaper El Universal (5.03) writes that Russia is asking the West to investigate ties between Turkey and ISIS. Turkish police dispersed a crowd of thousands gathered near the office of the opposition newspaper Zaman. Security forces used water cannons, tear gas, plastic bullets and during the assault took edition. Against this background, the Russian foreign Ministry urged the West to give an assessment to actions of the Turkish authorities, noting that the country has suppressed freedom of the press and demonstrates the contempt of court.

In comments on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow pays special attention to critically complicated the situation of security in Turkey freedom of expression and the unimpeded activities of mass media.

Moscow insists on conducting the most meticulous and impartial consideration in the Council of Europe and the OSCE action of the Turkish authorities, specifies the edition.

Russian scientists have developed a new formula for longevity, according to Argentine newspaper Clarin (6.03). The Pacific Institute of Bioorganic chemistry have created a chocolate with the addition of substances isolated from sea stars, sea urchins and lemongrass. This complex “vitamin sea” slows down the aging process and provides a corrective effect on metabolic processes, increasing the quality of life and promotes longevity, the newspaper notes. A new food product called “Maritime masterpiece”.

Russian satellite will be the brightest object in the night sky after the moon, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal (2.03). This will be possible thanks to solar pyramidal reflector 16 square meters, the disclosure of which will occur immediately after the appearance of Sputnik “Mayak” in orbit. This made space satellite, young engineers from Moscow state engineering University. It is expected that the satellite will go into space on a rocket-carrier “Soyuz-2” this summer.

The Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde (3.03) informs that in the Donbass remains restless due to the actions of Ukrainian troops, Donetsk is again under attack. In a number of areas are being provocative attacks. Simultaneously recorded activation of military equipment arriving to the separation line of the parties. The Minsk agreements remain on paper only, as Ukrainian security forces no longer want to follow the regulations that spelled out in them, the newspaper notes.

Oil-producing countries will discuss Russia freezing the level of oil production until June of 2016, according to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal (4.03). According to the President of the Venezuelan state oil company Pdvsa, Eulogio del Pino (Eulogio Del Pino) one only the decision of the countries-oil producers to freeze the January production level has helped to halt the decline in prices, and the oil slowly started to grow.

The newspaper reminds that in February, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Venezuela to support the world prices for oil have signed an agreement about a possible “frozen” for four months, provided that other producing countries will join their initiative. Together, these four countries shake about 23,75 million barrels of oil per day, which is more than 25% of the world production of “black gold”. Among the countries that expressed readiness to support the initiative — Ecuador, Algeria, Nigeria, Oman, Kuwait, UAE.

Iran and Iraq is still talking only about supporting steps to improve the situation on the oil market, while avoiding promises to join the frozen production.

The Argentine newspaper La Nacion (7.03) writes that in Bolivia, with the assistance of Russia will have a nuclear reactor. According to the publication, the agreement was signed between Rosatom and the Ministry of energy of Bolivia. The centre will be built on the site of the Bolivian city of El Alto, which is located at a height of not less than 4 thousand meters. Bolivia will allocate 300 million dollars.

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