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The Marines will waive open sights

The Marines will waive open sights

Морпехи откажутся от открытых прицелов

Marine shoots targets from machine M16

U. S. Marine Corps

The marine corps of the USA in 2016 will waive the standard iron sights on the M16 rifles, according to MarineCorpsTimes. In addition, an optional installation on the machines will become the carrying handle of the weapon and the three-point belt. Sudden failure of these elements on firearms will not happen; they will be displayed as replacing the old “trunks” new.

Instead of the standard iron sights on the guns the Marines will use folding sights that will be mounted on a Picatinny rail. Their military will be able to use the failure of an optical or collimator sight. In size folding front sight and the rear sight on the M16 would be considerably less than the standard.

A handle for carrying M16 will cease to be part of the machines for the Marine corps for the sake of reducing the vertical dimensions of the weapon. In addition, the military almost never use it. Finally, the three-point belt will be replaced by a new point-to-point, which, according to the military, will improve the accuracy.

U.S. marine corps has also decided to abandon the traditional measurement of distances in the ranges in yards. Now the military will be to measure distances in meters. Presumably, the adoption of the metric system of measurement distances will facilitate the interaction with soldiers from other countries.

Vasily Sychev

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