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“The main miracle is forgiveness.”

"Главное чудо — это прощение"

Director and producer Timur Bekmambetov on the film “Tree 5”, debutants and Christmas miracles

In the heat of summer in St. Petersburg, completed a film by Timur Bekmambetov “Christmas Tree-5”. At this time plot details are kept secret, but the new “Tree” will once again be a compilation of stories from different filmmakers, where the audience will meet again with familiar characters Sergey Svetlakov and Ivan Urgant. The film will be released on 29 December 2016. The correspondent of “Izvestia” visited the site and talked with Timur Bekmambetov about the surprises that await the audience.

— In the “Trees 5” in the frame of many animals. But in Hollywood, where you are today in demand as a Director, all the animals have long been created using computer graphics. Why do you remove these animals and birds?

— Because we all should be really: and animals and wonders. Graphics — it’s imitation. Of course, we have to use artificial snow because it’s summer and hot, and the plot — winter. Ironically, when all sunbathing on the beach, we have summer which remove the “Christmas Tree” and go in coats, boots, steam from the cold breath coming down. Well, the Christmas tree dressed. As they say, prepare sledge in the summer. That has to be in time for Christmas rental, rent in the heat.

— Difficult animals to handle?


— Harder (laughs). And, by the way, about Hollywood. I just finished the movie “Ben-Hur”, in which the battle scenes, and galleys, and shipwrecks, and huge real racetrack competitions antique riders in the chariot was yoked ninety not a computer, and the real horses! Now that was a challenge, that’s racing! You will see them in theaters in August. In comparison, shooting a story about the zoo seem like a summer vacation. The more that we were helped by very good trainers.

— Why do you have almost all the “Christmas Trees” is bound to have a story where I play Pets?

— I think this is correct, as they are part of almost every family. There is no closer friend than a loyal dog or a cat. And we just talk about what people expensive. Well, the kids love to watch movies with animals.

— Why, by the way, are you from Hollywood to “Holy” stars are not invited?

— Because a New year is a family holiday. And at family gatherings of strangers, as a rule, do not call.

— New year cannot be imagined without a Santa Claus. You are in the childhood believed in him?

— Believe, of course. And for a long time. Exactly until I saw that the grandfather from under the coat heels of women’s shoes stick out. I had a shock. I’m very good at this moment remember, though I was only three years. Since then, ceased to believe, although the New year still love.

New year from all the other holidays are distinguished by a sense of wonder. How do you pass?

— First, through the visual range. There is a set of archetypal signs: mandatory salad on the tables, tangerines, fluffy snow, “Irony of fate” on TV, turning into a Comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”. Secondly, and most importantly, the New year of the festival has already become a national idea of Russia. By some miracle, this holiday combines all that you need to our man: countdown, when seeing off the outgoing year, and the need to forgive everyone, to leave all hard feelings and leave the bad in the past year, and the new log is clean. This is a unique phenomenon that unites our multi-racial country. This is the main miracle, which everyone is waiting for: forgiveness and faith in the fact that from 1 January you can start to live differently.

— You are not only the Director but also the producer and, as such, invite you to their projects different filmmakers, including debutants. A vivid example is the recent film Elijah Naishuller “Hardcore”.

“I have Mercantile interest: dealing with young people, I learn a lot from them. And then, I no longer believe in the creativity of young people: they have much higher motivation to take high-quality good interesting movie. They have energy, passion, courage. Me as a producer is profitable. I know that an aspiring filmmaker will finish the film and make it most sincerely. And now on with the established Directors to work becomes much more difficult.

— By the way, about the new. You have already known for his experiments in “Kiss!” and in the same “Hardcore”, which was shot by subjective camera from the face of the protagonist. Fifth in the “Christmas Trees” are not planning to experiment?

— Even here we do not seek to surprise: “Christmas Tree” — a film quite conservative, addressed to a wide family audience, which is more than 150 million people. It’s a big responsibility, and to embark on risky experiments we can’t. But still use and new technologies. For example, in the Novella Ivan Urgant and Sergey Svetlakov the past itself takes on the mobile phone. Is for the first time, and the clapper didn’t know when to clap “cut” because he himself was the operator.

— Whether “Christmas Tree 6”?

— A must! I’m sure that the audience need it. And if so, we’re ready to shoot. Even in the summer heat.

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