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The loins of the opposition, “scary movie” about Putin and depth of the programme of the Communist party

Less than five and a half months left before the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation (the first election with a five-year time interval), and because I want to draw attention to how political forces in Russia are ready to accept (or not accept) in that election participation. Five and a half months – a period from the point of view of the political preparation for large candy buketny period to the electorate is not so great, and therefore particularly interesting case will be the appeal to at least party hint, what kind of “candy” and “bouquets” Russian people political forces will be preparing for next 5-year period of “living together”.

The political programme of the Parnassus in the form of a naked, sorry ass “person like” Michael Kasyanov and sincere speeches in the course thereof “personal meeting” with a colleague (“opposite” sex) nepaliputi – clear and understandable… the Program, that is, on the face… or Rather to a completely different part of the body… And therefore to concentrate on the information about this “party” preparations for the elections to the Duma would be, frankly, weird.

Might be worthwhile to pay attention to the preparations for the elections concerned Western Russian “elite”, which presented the same film, after which the world was to “stop being old”. The so-called journalist drew Sullivan gave the presentation on what the Russian President is, you know, corrupt owner of “factories, Newspapers, steamships” and also “the deceiver of gullible ladies” and “exploiter of the Panama offshore” (after all, Putin has sports suit…, “probably”, 3 thousand dollars…), and all other world leaders are followers of crystal honesty, altruistic and angels on white wings… would be Worth it to pay attention, but only for a story, by and large, in the context of similar material with a bare ass “someone like” Mikhail Kasyanov. In General, something from the category of the extraordinary issue of the impassable ballardini, the method of which some try to sting others and they try to sting in return.


Another thing to pay attention to information to prepare for the elections from the representatives of those political forces who are willing to really participate in the parliamentary race as candidates. And yet officially announced by the new head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova list of candidates (parties) no, you can afford to offer those program areas, which today represent the parliamentary parties – that is, those who will participate in the upcoming elections. As they say, the electorate to know not only what size fifth point is the main inhabitant of Parnassus, but real points and real programs real political parties.

The method of blind draw author showed to the Communist party, and therefore in this article we will talk about the political program, offered by the party with the undisputed leader in the person of Gennady Zyuganov.

The press service of the Communist party distributes a brief summary about yourself today is positioning this party, which became, incidentally, the second with the result at 11.57% in the 2011 elections.

So, help:

The motto of the Communist “Russia, labor, democracy, socialism!” is focused in four words the meaning of the struggle of the Communists.
By fraud and violence, the country returned to capitalism. This is the path of social regression, leading to national catastrophe, the death of Russian, of Russian civilization. The Communist party of the Russian Federation led an uncompromising struggle against the restoration of capitalism, the destruction of the Soviet Union and the destruction of Soviet power. Today the CPRF is the only political organization that consistently promotes the rights of people hired labor and the national-state interests. The strategic goal of the party — building in Russia a renewed socialism, socialism of the XXI century.

How did the party of Gennady Zyuganov, who in 1996 resigned to “fake” the defeat of Boris Yeltsin ostensibly to “not to escalate the situation in the country” is going to build in the Russian Federation renewed socialism? For this purpose we refer to the list of sections, bearing the name of “fighting Communists”. The list currently looks like this:

Education for all.
A decent youth policy.
Free and fair elections. Government by the people.
The development of our culture.
For fair and truthful media.
Russian, people’s friendship. The national liberation struggle
For the people’s army.
For industrialization.
For the better future of children.
Against police and administrative tyranny
For the revival of the Russian village.
For equitable social policy


The list, of course, more than serious, and therefore worth more to touch at least one of the points of the program, as if designed to reveal what you do fight politicians who call themselves Communists today. Given the fact that the main focus of our information-analytical portal is the subject of a military nature, to touch upon is the clause “For the people’s army”.

It is a pity that no program under this paragraph will not see anybody and instead the Communist party introduces material about how the representatives of the party participated in various celebrations to mark this or that anniversary or a military holiday… Laying, parade, participation in television programs…

Чресла несистемной оппозиции, "очень страшное кино" о Путине и глубина программы КПРФ

Of course, the electorate might be interesting, when and with whom a particular MP celebrated, for example, 98-th anniversary of the Soviet Army, but still, I think that is not the kind of information that is able to attract the attention of potential voters to the party. Or before the party today such a task and not worth?..

By the way, about the program of the Communist party. Perhaps, it is possible to find a specification of all the steps that should lead to the establishment of the people’s army, which, in the above mentioned list is mentioned. Or at least get the definition of this most popular army. However, in the program of the Communist party about nothing. There are many words that need to build socialism on the background of decaying capitalism is what Lenin’s “useful foreign elements”, underestimate the danger of what is happening in Russia and around the processes… and There are words about the need to “establish a democratic government of workers” and that the Communist party “after the establishment of political and economic stability in the country” will take some measures for the empowerment of workers in the governance of the country. Well, there is another extended list of how the Communist party will restore high standards of education and medicine, form the system of authorities ‘ responsibility for housing and utility services, create an independent judicial system, will support entrepreneurship and even return all the assets in Russia and nationalize the strategic sectors of the economy and natural resources. That’s it…

And again all very nice, but frankly (and this, as someone might think, not trying to sarcastic, but a statement of fact), is very, very smacks of populism. Again no mention of the “people’s army”, but because it seems that in the previous list, the term was either accidentally or thus in the Communist party tried to attract the attention of those who for the Russian army really cares (for example, readers of “Military review”), and developed the idea to end (if any).

And yet it seems that “the program of the Communist party” as if frozen in time. Perhaps, it would not cause issues even 20 years ago, because we (Russians) then, as said well-known social advertising was to “vote your heart”. But now, all the more those who are studying, trying to understand how inaccurate their points.

And the main thing that didn’t happen so that these programs were originally intended for “voting with the heart” and other internal organs without involving the brain. After all, the question “what to do?” we can answer all (and not need), but with the question “how?” is, as they say, is not so clear…

Author Alexey Volodin

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