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The line of code bankrupted the company

Строчка программного кода разорила компанию

The owner of the hosting business Marco Marsala (Marsala Marco) accidentally deleted all the information on the servers of his company command rm-rf. On Friday, April 15, writes The Independent.

The man asked for help on the forum of programmers Server Fault, where he explained that he personally destroyed his business, and was advised to go to the lawyers, because to recover lost data is extremely difficult. Destructive command rm-rf remove the contents of directories, ignoring the warning of the computer. Hard drives used to back up information, were also cleared, since at this time were connected to the core network. According to Marco Marsala, on the servers his company has housed 1535 client sites.

In April of 2014 with a similar problem to the user Server Fault turned programmer Jonas Nielsen. He managed to stop the command rm-rf, but after that the server ceased to accept his account.

Hosting — service resources for posting information on a server constantly located in the Internet. As a rule, hosting is included in the package for site maintenance.

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