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The liberal appeal to kids

Crumb the son to the father came and asked pipsqueak:

– What is good and what is bad?

I know that our so-called liberals, frolicking on the Internet is retarded adults, who are stuck in the development stage of the children and nursery. And maybe even at an earlier stage – at the stage of nappies and diapers.

After all, if you read all their works, all of the comments that they leave everywhere like flies on a lightbulb, we want to exclaim: what is this kindergarten. The comparison I referred to, so as not to offend the inhabitants of the house No. 6, there any Napoleons and prosecutors.

Most of all I enjoy in these liberal kids their deep hatred of the country of residence, to all Russian and to the nozzle, squeal like a pig worship throughout the West.

The kids, well, how is it possible? You have father – mother was? Was? So what you hate them so much?

To this question the answer is very simple – it’s under-loved kids. Father – mother they had, but these kids for some reason not liked. And from these kids and grown adults, boobies, haters of their country.

Quite simply, if a child is loved, it can become a self-sufficient man, who loves the people around him, loving your parents, honoring their ancestors, who loves his country and not any where in abroad.

Explain with a simple example that will explain on fingers. Watch closely kids, for my fingers, suddenly realize.

I was born in the Kuban, in one glorious Cossack village. And now through life I love this land, its vastness, watching how there live my relatives and friends. I’m in love with my hometown Kuban, I love everything that is there and is happening. There are buried my grandparents, my parents and I always visit the graves of their ancestors. I’m doing this in gratitude, give them their duty, because they gave birth to me and nurtured.

Then I studied at the Institute in Taganrog. Now I love Taganrog, love and communicate with my friends, with whom he studied in the Institute. Many of them now scattered throughout the towns and villages of our vast country-USSR. Many were by fate abroad Russia. I think that they are normal people and still love the Taganrog Institute and all that is connected with them.

And where were you born, my liberal kids? Surely in Europe, Ali even cooler in Washington? Why did you confess to them every day in love? Why do you hate our birches, and kissed strangers sequoias? What is your connection with Washington and Brussels? How can you love something that never was, where did not give birth to you in pain your parents?

Interesting questions, liberal our kids? And if you these questions to answer?

And yet, when I grew up a little, and we appeared in the family TV, then the TV began to show football and hockey. And me with this interesting age like the team “Spartak”. I can’t explain why “Spartacus”, but since I am a fan of this team. I’m not a fan, but she was often sick and suffer somehow for Spartak. Why would I say cheering for “Dinamo”?

So why is our liberal kids, rooting for a foreign team? Why foreign coaches (presidents) of our nicer? The same “Spartak” had different coaches, good and bad. But I still continued to root for this team. And you, our liberal kids, love and lick a foreign team regardless of coaches (presidents)?

Why are you so interested with those abroad? You weren’t born, you weren’t brought up and you don’t even know what actually lives there.

So what makes you hate your country and love abroad?

Обращение к либеральным детишкам

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